The Nature of God in Hinduism

Free Essay Sample «The Nature of God in Hinduism»

Hinduism forms one of the seven major religions in the world. The religion enjoys a majority of its followers from Indians, with established traditions and wisdom. According to this religion, God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. This paper will therefore discuss how God is viewed in Hinduism and defend idea that despite believing in many personal gods, the religion can still be viewed as the ultimate monotheistic.

First of all, God is Omnipresent meaning that He is everywhere at the same time. The religion believes that God creates the whole world on his own and nothing can be present without him. Hinduism holds the belief that God is present everywhere and He hails in everything. The eyes of the disciples have been opened by the great Siddhas of India.

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Omniscient implies that God knows all the things concerning this world. His knowledge about the world he created goes beyond imagination and he knows everything happening in it. There is no mystery about the world for him. In other words, He knows all, or the knower of all. God knows the past births of all that is within the earth and has the future of all people and animals within it. Nothing is left hidden or unknown to God as he is the creator of the world himself. Among all the people, there is nothing like free human will because human beings may think that they are doing something, but contrary to this, He has predetermined everything.

Lastly, God is Omnipotent meaning that he can do anything at any time. He is all powerful and capable of doing anything as he pleases. He created the world in zero time and consequently can destroy it in time. He has his own rules and can break them any time as he pleases. “Within the Hindu mythology, there are numerous instances where God has broken his own rules and defied his law” (Mohatta, 2010). Fro instance, the saving of Draupadi in Mahabharata.  His power is indescribable.

Free Essay Sample «The Nature of God in Hinduism»


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