Spirituality in Women?s Lives

Free Essay Sample «Spirituality in Women?s Lives»

Religion and spirituality has played an extremely significant role in the lives of women. Religion and spirituality provides a framework for most of the women under diverse cultures to make sense with their lives and cope with the general lives’ events. Women’s spirituality emphasizes honouring the body and the process of connection between all things. It also incorporates cherishing diversity. Researchers have also found the importance of spirituality to the psychological wellbeing of a woman. Religious support is related to lower stress and depression. It also brings a greater life’s satisfaction. In the church, women get three kinds of support, which is essential in keeping them (Bornstein, 1996). They believe they get Gods support, congregational support and the church leadership support. Research has found that trust in God’s support is related to the social support. This, in turn, leads to less depression and more satisfaction.

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For most of the women, spirituality is not all about worldly things. As much as it involves the development of relationships and work, it also involves the soul and spirit. Religion gives women the basic faith that goes beyond just human belief. Women use religion to deal with life’s problems, as they believe that someone is helping them handle things (King, 1993). In th midst, disturbing and conflicting life’s tribulations women believe that spirituality gives them anchor. Many women in the current world are responsible for making and creating their chosen life’s paths. A woman recognizes and respects the person in herself and dignity as she participates in building the person in other people. Subsequently, this move transforms social agents of change in the society.

Investigation reveals that most of the women undergoing posttraumatic stress as a result of domestic violence and turn to religion and spirituality for their comfort. A growing body of research attempts to identify the way women respond to domestic violence and the reasons they put in place to cope with the mental and physical torture. The use of religion is documented in the traditional means of coping with problems in the African American community. The overarching role of religion can be a vehicle for expression of oppression as well as the quest for liberation. It is the channel where most of the women get justice and hope in their lives. Most women with a high level of spirituality, as well as a greater sense and belief in religion, have less posttraumatic stress than the others. Most of the women who have undergone domestic violence and have high beliefs in spirituality, have high levels of coping strategies, and these women also receive higher ssocial support.

Spirituality and religion are crucial pieces in development of identity. It provides a variety of functions to women of all ages. Women particularly adolescents are integrally connected to spiritualism (Schaaf, 2012). In the United States, a number of leading pioneers in women movements and other equality movements are involved deeply in spiritualism. Most of the women associates’ powers relate to supernatural believe. Spirituality and women’s rights have a lot in common. Most of the women see empowerment to be directly linked to spiritualism. They are all linked to responses in control and the repression of women by the church and state.

In conclusion, some researches indicate that women’s support religion more than their male counterparts; women are more religious than men. For women, the relational connection to God as a healer seems to be the most valuable thing for them. Most of the women are motivated by intersecting religious and modernizing impulses, and their actions are a binary form of religion and spirituality. Practices of women are deeply rooted in their imagination and subjectivity in the making of religion and Christianity spirituality. Most of their actions are based on the basic principles of strong morals and cultural lifestyles that are built on the basis of a belief.

Free Essay Sample «Spirituality in Women?s Lives»


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