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Role of Theology in Reason

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Reason and faith are crucial aspects in human life, the perception of faith and all presumptions drawn from the two principles depend on traditions. These are among the factors that shape life and all knowledge and assumptions drawn.  Belief and disbelief in the transcendent defines the perceptions that people draw from the two. In the later, the worldview bases its perspective upon rationalism, material and a more settled opinion of both faith and reason. The world approaches faith and reason from a rational and more authentic mindset while the collective view concentrates on the existence of transcendent powers. In this, the general view is too narrow to describe the two and their spiritual significant to Christians.

According to Martin, Faith from a rational appeal is an irrational opinion imposed on to people by authoritarian churches. In this, the rational critique observes that God does not exist and that religion is a prescientific way of explaining the existence or inexistence of an element. In the non-transcendent view, faith and reason are different and often misaligned. The approach defines the reason as a logical way of thinking drawing perspectives from facts and scientifically provable evidence. Faith is unverifiable perceptions about highly hypothetical matters. 

Reason and faith mostly work together in theology. Reason is not fully evident without the personal belief in one’s ability to handle and accomplish a task. In this, Martin explains this through an analogy that scientist must have faith in their own ability before there exists evidence from the fact. Theology tends to bridge the gap between faith and reason. Reason confines the rational thinking and facts about the existence and working of the mind. Theology stretches the importance of rational thinking, decision-making and belief while promoting acknowledgement of transcendent. Conclusively, theology insists that reason defines the common flow of reality, but faith accesses transcendent. Existence of the two together makes life better.

Buy custom Role of Theology in Reason essay paper cheap

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