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Role of Muslim Women

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Like every society or religion, a Muslim woman plays roles as a wife. She is expected to deliver duties such as caring for the husband, children, and carry out the domestic chores like cleaning. In general, she is a homemaker. Apart from this, she is expected to play a very crucial role as a mother. She is attached a very high status as a parent. This originates from the Qur’an, for instance when a man to a prophet and asked him the care he deserved most, the prophet replied for three times that the mother’s was the first followed by parent’s and finally relative’s. The same mother is entitled a great feeling of security and care she will receive from her children in her old age.

The women are also expected to satisfy their husbands sexually. A man is allowed to practice polygamy and his wives take the mandate to satisfy and care for the man. This has raised different views from different parts of the Muslim world. In Western countries the extra-marital affairs are considered normal and the pre-marital sex experience desirable. This brings variation of the role of women in relation to other countries. Different countries have their own views on the role of women but discussed here are the common.

In most countries women are not expected to take professional roles like men. Even in the education systems, women pursuing carriers such architecture face critiques from their men. They are usually expected to take the simplest career roles. They are secondary after men, from the Qur’an, two women will equivalent one man. They are not given right to divorce like men are.

The current development in Muslim world is to push for equality between the men and women. Facts are supported from Qur’an that the two are of different sexes but compliment each other. Right to own wealth and properties ha also emerged to be a critical issue amongst others which includes; freedom to express opinion, participation in Jihad, and seeking employment.

Buy custom Role of Muslim Women essay paper cheap

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