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Religious Practice

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Religion in the workplace is among the most controversial and extremely difficult issues for employees. Many people have strong beliefs in specific religious norms and practices. In the current world, there is an increasing diversity in religion and there are more upcoming religions in the world (Religious Freedom Resources, 2012). Religious employees often face differences between their employment requirements and their religious requirements. These conflicts are sometimes intensely serious and they lead to many controversies.

A company may not just refuse to hire an employee with a specific religious belief. If the employer asserts that accommodation is not doable as it would end up in an unwarranted hardship for the company, the employer must display the effects that an accommodation of the religious employee will have on the business. In essence, the employer has to provide some proof of the uncalled-for hardship. For instance, an employer would have to train another employee at an extra cost to stand in for one who is not in a position to work on some days.

In most companies, a collective negotiating accord is in place, and it directs a set of regulations with regard to rank and work within a company. Thus, it may cause an unnecessary and undue hardship for a manager to infringe agreement in favor of an employee. In addition, it is not necessary for an employer to pay overtime expenses to meet the spiritual needs of religious requirements of workers. Several employers do readily meet these overheads; however, it is upon the manager to come to a decision.

In conclusion, in most countries, a federal law only applies to organizations with over fifteen employees. In addition, a commitment to accommodate employees with different specific religious needs helps to improve employees’ confidence and morale and hence assist in maintaining a highly respected and valued workforce.

Buy custom Religious Practice essay paper cheap

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