Free Custom «Religious Meaning» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Religious Meaning» Essay Paper

The beginning of life is contentious; with some believing that life begins at conception and others at taking it that life begins at birth. Whatever side we take, we are all in agreement that the end to this life is death. It is an inevitable stage in life and despite of who one might be, or whatever one has accomplished, death is a stage we must all pass through.

We as humans have come a long way in developing and innovating things that probably our forefathers never thought could actually exist. Machines, computers, fast cars and many more have required brains to innovate and actualize. Medical advancement is overwhelming and every other day something new is made that makes diagnosis and treatment of even the most challenging diseases possible. Palliative care for the terminally ill is today pain free and comfortable. Despite of all this advancements, one thing has totally remained elusive to man, cracking the mystery to death.

Some people believe that death is the end of life while others believe that it is just the beginning since what is ahead is eternal joy in heaven or eternal suffering in hell. Believers want to know where they will go after they die while skeptical want to know if there really is anything more after death. Either way we are driven by the curiosity to know what is on the other side.

Many people who have had near death experiences, either while sick or in accidents have claimed to have taken a glimpse of the other side talking about having seen ‘a white light’ and ‘ a long tunnel’. We tend to base our only knowledge of what is on the other side on these experiences which we cannot normally substantiate.

Our hunger for any knowledge on what actually is on the other side leads us to believe in these narrations and many of us tend to believe that we will get to see a white light when the end comes. Death brings pain to the people left behind, but why? This person may have gone to eternal happiness in heaven. We talk about them and fight to keep their memories alive years later. If we are given the choice we would all want to live forever but even the thought of there being somewhere else to go to and continue a new life in another dimension is not enticing to anyone. The reason being because we still do not know what the after life is like, if at all it really exists.

Causes of death vary from diseases, deterioration due to old age, accidents and homicides are all well known. Western society believe that we take another dimension upon death, the noncorporeal continuation, while traditional African societies believe magic and evil spirits are sources of death.

Despite of what we believe, death remains universal and inevitable. It is irreversible, in that the dead do not come back, and it makes the body non functional, meaning that it makes all functions associated with the physical being to cease. All living things die, from insects to animals, pets, plants and even humans, and have done so since the beginning of time and will continue doing so long after we are gone. Death is mysterious and what happens afterward is unknown.



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