Free Essay Sample «Religion»

A religion can be defined as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency, usually involving devotional and ritual observations, and mostly containing a moral way governing the conduct of human affairs. (

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This paper is focused towards a Christian way of life involving the concept of religiocentrism. Christianity involves several aspects among the leading ones are: fellowship with God; believer’s relationship with each other; obedience to God’s commands; and total discipline towards the religion ( However, on analyzing the morals depicted by Christian religions one finds out how this religion tends to rule over others either partially or completely. For instance a child born into Christianity will have no choice as to what he or she believes. This child will be baptized and raised in the Christian manner far away from other beliefs. This is simply religiocentrism ( On further analysis the Christian faith in the US is seen to have an impact on its government. This is seen through the US constitution, which is based almost entirely on Christianity. The governance of the US is on Christianity, and this discriminate other non-Christian societies (

Following this study, it is evident that Christian religions are religiocentric. They formulate ways in which they can create an empire and only those who believe in them can be consider as followers, while the ones who are non-believers are discriminated from Christianity. In conclusion to religiocentrism, a religion can be non-religiocentric only if it considers an individual’s faith to be a matter of practice and not faith.

Free Essay Sample «Religion»


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