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Religion in Women's Lives

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Ways in which religion has shaped women's lives

Religion has affected and influences the action of mankind in many ways. The history reflects how religion has continuously shaped life but in many times we tend to downplay the real significant impact that religion has in people. We often regards religious group as extremist but that is a skewed lenses of viewing religious group. Nonetheless, there could be some truth behind those views but there is a challenge to find out the different to this opinion. It could be solely a singular action of religious authority instead of the teaching of the religion itself.

On a more personal point of view rather than extremist, religion as a faith or teaching has always shape the people and the society. Religion has enlightened women to about their political rights. It is only until 1920 that the women began voting and run for elective office. As of now 17% of the Congress is female. All this progress is the fruits of religion that shape the women down the line in the history.

The combination of religion practice and marital relation which stable is what is contributing to strong and successful next generation. Women have an upper hand to stabilize marriage. Women who have religious following stand a better chance to lead a stable a successful marriage than non-religious.  The greater marital stability and high level of marital stability is associated to valuing religion and regular practice by women. Religious women are less likely to experience separation or divorce than the less religious peers. Research indicates that marriages where both spouse are religious are 2.4 times less likely to divorce than marriage where neither spouse are religious.  Women who are religious are not only living in stable marriages but they are also enjoying the quality of the marriage.

Buy custom Religion in Women's Lives essay paper cheap

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