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Because people didn’t know their rights, when asked, different people gave different definition of human rights; even others didn’t know what human rights are. Individuals were not treated equal in dignity and rights. Individuals at the time didn’t endow others with reason and conscience and also individuals did not act to each other in spirit that was brotherly, hence catholic church introduced right in their church’s social teachings (Youthforhumanrights, 2010) 

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The most important rights to me are: right to freedom of speech, right to life, right to own property, right to live anywhere, among others like right to choose religion. People iving under poverty around the world should be accorded the right to: education, shelter, food, health facilities, clean water, freedom from slavery, the freedom of speech and the right to be treated equally.

Media has announced lately on how people are not treated equally due to their skin color, they are not accorded similar rights, facilities like education and similar opportunities like employment since their skin color is different from the majority of people in that country, or even do not belong to similar social class. This is a global news because, all people should be treated equally allover the world regardless of where they come from, social class oor skin color, as they have a right to live anywhere (Humanrights, 2010).

Years back, Cyrus the great released all slaves and gave every one the right to chose religion in the document Cyrus Cylinder. The declaration by the Britain queen that everyone was born equal, the joining up of forces in France and many other places as individuals break their silence demanding the rights in government treaties, conventions and the universal decoration of human rights to come under implementation (Humanrights, 2010).

In conclusion, human rights have been written in books but the might people have in many years crushed them. People should realize that everyone has rights.

Free Essay Sample «Religion/Ethics»


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