Free Custom «Religion/ Ethics 4» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Religion/ Ethics 4» Essay Paper

The reading is about racism which the writer believes is going on even today irrespective of the changes done for the past twenty years. The central concern in racism and the Catholic Church reading is that racism is a sin. Racism seems to be going on even if it is not as open as it was before. The job and market opportunities are not as equal for the non-whites as to the whites. The criminal rehabilitation facilities seem to have one type of race more than the other. Racism should stop with us as individual then to the church then to the rest of the society. The concern for the Katrina racism reading is employment and the general effect the action has on the victims. People have lost their jobs/employment, white evacuees getting jobs faster than non white evacuees and so on. The reading insists that our hearts must be ready to embrace justice and everyone even those not of our skin color.

The particular idea that sparked my interest and attention is that racism is not a sin among other many sins that we do. It is a sin by itself, which disunites the family and hinders growth both in the society and in the world. It sets invisible boundaries that limit interaction but only bring pain, hatred and fear. It brings pain because one would discriminate you or misjudge you because of your skin color, hatred to the one who would be doing such a thing and fear because you never know what might happen to you. We have seen and heard people who have been hurt or had some nasty things done to them due to their skin color. All in all, there is hope since we are being encouraged to stop racism by doing our part as individuals. It should start from us as individuals, then to the church and finally to the whole society which will influence the whole world.

There is connection I made between the reading and my life experience especially on the reading about racism and the Catholic Church. It has brought to my attention that there is a lot I can do as a leader to curb racism in the society. I can use my spiritual influence to educate and encourage believers to love one another and know that one cannot judge people by just looking at their skin color or which part of the world they come from. I can use my position as a leader and the chances I get to be with people to talk to them about living together, the love of God and how He would like us to live together with love and harmony. I would use the chance to show how people can stop racism starting from them as individuals spreading to the rest of the world. I would educate them on what the Bible says about living together, treating our neighbors and loving one another.

One of the biggest challenges, there is with no doubt, is corruption. Corruption has made countries that could have been way on top of the pack remain behind and undeveloped. Most developing countries have this challenge to fight. Corruption has made incompetent and unqualified people be put in high positions. It has made the guilty go unpunished and the innocent judged unfairly. An unqualified person will be given a job or get a promotion because he/she has given a bribe. All this is due to the love of money and power. People have stopped being generous but are now selfish and not thoughtful of others.

Another challenge is superiority complex. Some countries want to rule others even after many years of independence. The developed countries still want to dictate to the developing countries on how to rule their countries. They want to control the world market and the economy. This is mostly due to the love of power and wealth (Ike and Igboaja, 1992).

Another challenge is the presence of hunger and diseases especially to the developing countries. This is due to limited resources and funds to cater for the society’s needs. Diseases like HIV and AIDS, cancer and other chronic diseases have really posed a challenge to all countries even the developed ones although they affect more the developing ones.



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