Free Custom «Religion Ethics 3» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Religion Ethics 3» Essay Paper

Morality is defined as a structure of rules that alters the way human beings behave during social interactions.  It is concerned with doing good things for one another and the society but not doing harm to anybody, hence morality can set the standard of conduct of an individual (Arthur, 2005).

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Justification is a word that is used to mean either negative or positive sense. The negative sense comes about when the justifier is accused of not being sincere whereas with positive sense, other people are brought to see one’s actions as sensible and useful. With the positive sense any given course of deed is justified provided there are good reasons to support itand not going against it. Most likely the good reasons are those commended by other people. Always this positive sense of justification is important for morality and hence for somebody’s to make a decision, they must follow this type of sense so that their decision can be justified (Hannan, 2004).


According to Hanson (2009), the moment a problem has been distinguished as bearing moral importance, the first step taken is to identify the range of circumstances which should be considered.  This takes into account knowingness of different parties who will get affected by the decision made, sensitiveness to a variety of principles or valuues which may be employed to the problem dealt with, and also sensitiveness to other background factors which may rightly determine the decision. When all these factors are laid out openly, they can assist to define or make the given issue clear.


The teenage boy in Massachusetts was diagnosed with blood cancer did not make a good decision, that is, his decision was not justified. This is because his instincts made him decide to be no longer on chemotherapy, which is contrary to the doctor’s and parents wish. He could not have died if he had taken into consideration the decisions of the doctor and parents (Hanson, 2009).


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