Free Custom «Religion Ethics 1» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Religion Ethics 1» Essay Paper

Religion and ethics are some of the fundamental aspect in the life of a human being. As portrayed in the catholic social teaching and the presented video, ethics are the basic features that reflect the nature of the organisation and what it does as concerns people. According to the catholic teaching, the central concern is that work is essential in everyday life. One of the readings is that “Work remains a good thing, not only because it is useful and enjoyable, but also because it expresses and increases the worker's dignity. Through work we not only transform the world, we are transformed ourselves, becoming "more a human being." It is what keeps man to acquire what he or she wants at all times. It is therefore considered ethical to be involved in one type of work or any other. Work is not only good but it is also enjoyable to whoever is involved in one way or the other. The Villanova university document has moreover reiterated the need to show respect and good manners in place of work and also in other places. One of the readings is that “Work is one of these aspects, a perennial and fundamental one, one that is always relevant and constantly demands renewed attention and decisive witness.” This is actually the main theme that summarises the goal of this document. This will enable good living among the people in the society. Besides this, the main concern of the video presentation has reinforced the need and importance to have ethical principles at work. This is for the benefit of the entire human living.

According to the University of Villanova, work is constantly demandingfor renewed strengths and decisive witnesses. This is an aspect that actually struck my attention. It is upon the individual who is at work to make sure that he or she always has new decisions day after the other. This is for the benefit of the entire human nature and also for the sake of the work. Moreover, the document has stressed the fact that work is perennial and most fundamental in the entire life of an individual. This has some significant and particular meanings to every human being. Work is an always thing. It is portrayed to have no end. For man to survive in the society, he or she has to always work. This will enable him acquire the basic things that support life in general. This is the reason why it is said to be fundamental.

In my family life, people have always been involved in work. Over the many years that have passed, my family members have always been busy doing work. It is like they have learnt of the fact that work is very fundamental in the life of every human being. Over time, the nature and workability of work has been transforming from one state to another. It has actually been becoming better day by day. This has actually made every individual in the family to be involved in one way or the other. For men, they have always been realising of more need to be involved in work most of the time. For women, they have realised that they can also be involved in more categories of work that they have actually not been doing. For all these changes, work has been getting done even in more technological and modern ways than it was done before. There is actually no detrimental aspect that has come due to these changes.

Over the years, the kinds of work done by my family members have always been changing. This is basically due to the change in the methodologies used in handling these types of works. At the moment, there are more categories of work with many ways of doing them. For men, they are now getting to work more than they were doing a few years ago. For women, they are now realising that they have the ability to handle various kinds of work as men. This is actually the main thing that has changed over women in my family. The beneficial aspect of these changes is that work is setting more efforts and skills of getting done. This has resulted to more yields than before. On the other hand, with women getting involved in various activities, they are now neglecting some of the other aspects of work. This has been detrimental to the quality of living in our family. Moreover, there are many instances of individuals overworking. My family has actually been involved in various kinds of work, and this has resulted to the level of success that the family has attained.

The status of the priority of labour over capital today does not go hand in hand. The working conditions are actually not supporting the stand that the church has taken. Many stakeholders are busy with their goals of attaining more gains in the company. They are oblivious of the fact that they are going contrary to the wishes of the church. Many conditions are not suitable for the rule of ethical aspects. As much as there are many written rights of workers, many instances of overlooked rights are reported.

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