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Religion is a complex aspect in the social and the cultural perspectives of human beings; this means that it is an intricate facet in the lives of the individuals. There are a number of theories that have been put forth by scholars so as to explain various mysteries that relate to religion. It is somewhat difficult to understand exactly what religion is and this is attributed to the series of the theoretical information that is presented regarding the various approaches and understanding of religion. This paper will succinctly assess the information provided by the researchers regarding religion and then ascertain the best description and understanding of religion (Cunningham & Keslay 87).

Scholars have come up with different descriptions on what religion is by basing it to sociological interactions among individuals. Sigmund Frazer states that religion is a form of mass neurosis. It exists only as a response to deep emotional conflicts and weaknesses. Since it is nothing more but a by-produce of psychological distress, it should be possible to eliminate the illusion of religion by alleviating that distress. This assertion seems to coincide with my thoughts as I presume that individuals usually become too emotional and at times weak when they are “very” religious. Though his views are a bit realistic according to my point of view, there are some statements from his assertion which are critical (Cunningham & Keslay 34).

Though he states that religion involves hidden psychological motives, it is true that religion involves much more than the neurosis that Freud talks about. This makes his assertion to be half real in the explanation of the concepts of religion and the manner in which individuals perform their religious aspects. I think religion involves both the psychological, behavioral and physical aspects of human beings. This is because it is through religion that individuals communicate to the supreme power with reverence and treat each other well and according to the revelations of the creator. Religion also involves the symbolic expressions of social realities of which without them religion cannot exist (Cunningham & Keslay 109).

Buy custom Religion essay paper cheap

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