Free Custom «Prophet Muhammad » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Prophet Muhammad » Essay Paper

Muhammad is the greatest and most respected prophet in the history of Islam. He was born in 570 AD in Makah in a string of eventual misfortunes that characterized the death of his father a few weeks after his birth. He lost his mother at the age of six on their way home from Medina and was thereafter under the guardianship of his grandfather until the age of eight where his maternal uncle Abu Talib took over after his grandfather’s death. His ability to stand up as a religious figure is believed to be a matter of genealogy since his grandfather was himself a respected leader of the Arab tribe as he took care of the first ever holy shrine located in Kabbah.

Under the care of his uncle Abu Talib, Muhammad began making ends meet by participating in trade at a tender age of twelve. One of the remarkable things he did was the occasional trips to distant places for the reason of trade and the unbreakable character traits he manifested which included honesty, accountability and trust which in normal life define discipline as a practice. These are some of the attributes that still influence the Muslim religion to date as they did to a rich widow named Khadija who proposed marriage to him on such grounds and they bore four daughters and two sons together (Zahoor & Zaq, 1998).

Angel Gabriel appeared to Muhammad as he did is routine meditations and he was given the revelations despite him lacking any formal education. It is believed that these revelations form majority of the verse found in holy book of Quran. All those who accepted and followed his call including his wife had a reason to believe that he was the expected one. All the revelations he received in that period amounting to 23 years have now been recorded into the famous Quran from where Muslims draw their religious inspiration. His personal achievements and positive attributes were recorded in a separate recording known as the Hadith (Zahoor & Zaq, 1998).

Even though Muhammad is credited as a great influence on the Muslim world, all the things written in the Quran are said to have come straight from Allah. Prophet Muhammad’s main objective was to emphasize on the same message by previous prophets who included Ibrahim, which stated that there is only one God who is the creator and caretaker of the universe. He also had the task of influencing Islamic generations of all times on issues concerning legal, social and ethical matters and their relation to the word of Allah. The Quran (33:40) states that Muhammad was the last of all the prophets sent by the most high to guide the masses into holy paths and is greatly regarded as the symbol of Islamic codes of conduct hence bearing the term “Peace be with Him” whenever being addressed. Prophet Muhammad’s teachings remind Muslim of all walks that there is only one God in the name of Allah and discourage idol worship. On the other hand his teachings advocate for respect of parents and elders as well as a respect for gender equality and the notion that rich and poor are equal in the eyes of Allah.

Apart from religious and moral based influence on the Islamic fraternity, he really encouraged his people to travel a lot in bid to acquire knowledge through trading with places like China and India. These inspirations later made Muslims great scholars since the medieval ages from the experience with distant communities. This knowledge as inspired by Muhammad led to the building of the first university on earth in Egypt. The University of Al Azhar still stands after a thousand years (Kucuk, 2010).

In conclusion, Muslims not only respect Prophet Muhammad for his religious teachings and moral doctrines but the prosperity in economics and science portrayed by Muslims through following God’s word as relayed by Muhammad. They also recognize Islam’s role in bridging the gap on civilization towards the west and the birth of the renaissance period. The beautiful architecture and calligraphy as displayed by the Muslim world originate from his teaching about God’s love for beauty.



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