Personal World View of Catholic and Other Religions

Free Essay Sample «Personal World View of Catholic and Other Religions»

Religion is a way of life, which incorporates cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews as professed by a given people. Religion is built on strong principles that guide its subjects in their everyday life. Emphasis on ethics and adherence to strict laws are just but some of its main pillars. Human nature refers to the inborn characteristics that people posses; these include the way of thinking, feeling, and acting that humans normally possess. Worldviews in this context will refer to a set of perceptions and beliefs about life held by an individual or a group (Ronald, 1988).

Catholicism and Christianity typically compare and share a lot in common with Islam; they both believe in a supernatural being as the creator. The Bible and the Quran grounds its morality in Gods character. They both emphasize on good conduct as that, which reflects Godliness. Self love and care for others is a similarity. The human body is Gods dwelling place. Maintaining a healthy body and mind is paramount and drug and substance abuse is condemned. Adherence to positive work, political, and business ethics is also common. Human nature comes out well in the way the subjects generally feel on the day-to-day happenings. The world is ever changing; in the quest to find solutions to current problems Christians and Muslims have to make decisions that are consistent with their beliefs, mode of thinking, and acting (Ninian, 1999). The ultimate reality is that there is one God, a beginning, an end and an afterlife.          

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Catholicism and Hinduism compare and share a lot ethically; they both shun self-centeredness and promote kindness. Greed is a fault and subjects should share and feel satisfied with the little they have. Cruelty is as a kind of negative theory; subjects are encouraged to be cordial and courteous while dealing with fellow human beings. The two religions believe in life after death; however, a distinctive feature for each religion is that Hindu believes in reincarnation while Christianity believes in resurrection and eternal life in heaven. This is a critical distinction, which has affected my view on life after death. The issue of reincarnation is also evident in Buddhism; the two worldviews suggest the human soul will reincarnate in a different form, a plant, either animal, or human after the death of the body. This is in contrast with the biblical teaching of life after death, and it has had a massive effect on my take of life after death.

In conclusion, all the global worldviews share a lot morally and ethically, and the cultivation of good conduct is important in all religions (Ronald, 1988). Respect for human life is common; killing of a fellow human being is an ungodly act. Respect of people’s property is a common teaching; thus, stealing is condemned. Sexual misconduct and substance abuse are not allowed. However, each worldview has its distinct believes and characteristics and learning different religions not only broadens a person’s perception of the different worldviews, but also puts to question, the believes that have been held dear for long. However, all global worldviews propagate one ultimate reality; there is God the creator, and there is a beginning and an end.

Free Essay Sample «Personal World View of Catholic and Other Religions»


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