Free Custom «Personal God» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal God» Essay Paper


In religion, there are two concepts that define God. One is a personal God who is referred to as Yahweh in Judaism, Allah in Sunni Islam, Vishnu and Shiva in Buddhism and Jehovah in Christianity. In Buddhism and Taoism, emphasis on a personal God is lacking. A personal God can be understood like a super being that controls the heavens and the earth and has a purpose, intent and emotions just like humans do. The Christian faith is based on the existence of a personal God. This is manifest in the scriptures where God is constantly referred as `He' instead of it. God is a personal God and this is proved by the fact that He has personal characteristics, is a God of providence, He acts, and governs all.

Main body

God has personal characteristics

The scriptures describe God as one who is jealous, subject to anger and grief, loving and caring. Self-consciousness and self determination are the key components of a personality. Love and hatred can only be manifested by an intelligent person (Bergquist & Allan 68). Self-determination refers to the ability to look into the future and prepare a course of action. An animal has determination but lacks self-determination, that is,the power to react according to free will. God has ability to decree beforehand as manifested in Jacob and Esau wherein He said he hated Esau and loved Jacob before either had done good or bad. Not only is he able to decide beforehand but he also has a fixed plan for the future. Such ability can only be manifested by a person.

God's hand of providence

God is manifested as personal in the preservation of the Universe. God controls everything on earth by the power of His Word. He created the world by the power of His World. The world itself is such a masterpiece that it manifests that today after thousands of years still maintains the same order. The world in itself has no power of self-preservation; without the greater intelligence that holds it together it is self evident that the world cannot last by itself. It is God who upholds all things, visible and the invisible by His intelligent power. Therefore God must have a personality.

God acts

The other point that manifests that God is a personality is the fact that He acts. To be able to act in a considerate manner towards others, one must at least have intellect for reasoning and thinking. Since God feeds man and maintains and sustains all life, then He has a personality. God is the One who created and designed the earth to meet the needs of all creation, who exercises dominion over all creation and is worthy of praise. It is logical to conclude that praise can only be given to a person in regard of who he is and what he does.

God governs over all

The personality of God is also manifested by the fact that He governs all the affairs of men. Blind fate, coincidence and fate are the hallmark of those who do not believe in the person of God. The Bible, the basis of Christian doctrine, speaks about him as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

He alone has immortality and whose governance nobody can question or withstand. To rule over others, one must be endowed with a personality to will, plan and to be responsive to the needs of others. As a ruler, God is of necessity a person.


God is therefore a person who has emotions and feelings. He is the creator of the world by His own designs and ability and controls everything on it. He alone preserves the world and acts according to His own dictates. He is the ruler of all men and directs all the affairs of men. He is referred to by the personal pronoun `He' other than `it' showing that he is a person not a thing. God loves and cares and that is proof that he is a person.



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