Free Custom «Muslim Women and Fashion» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Muslim Women and Fashion» Essay Paper

When it comes to fashion and Muslim women, many people are likely to raise eyebrows because apparently Islam is believed to abhor any form of indecent exposure-what fashion at times permits. Muslims a cross Britain and many other cosmopolitan cities throughout the West have nowadays chosen to express their personal identity and faith through fashion .This sis evident in their colorful and beautiful headscarves, and the very many new Islamic garments and the Islamic fashion. It has always bothered many people why fashion is such a big deal to Muslims. Ones dress code is always monitored and harshly judged in most Islam countries. To them fashion is such an important issue. In the recent past fashion and how Muslim perceive it has been a very common topic in the mainstream international media.

According to Emma Tarlo in her book `visibly Muslim’ she aptly explains why this is such a big deal in the Islam world. She highlights so many other topics that are related to Muslims and fashion. This book is indeed timely and very important for it cuts a cross media stereotypes that address Muslim appearances(Tarlo,E.,2009)The book intimately provides insights into matters concerning fashion and what fashion means to those people who come up with them and wear them. Different ideas and concepts of fashion do exist and people need not to be tied down by their religious beliefs .Ones faith should not be the reason why deny themselves the freedom to show and express their beauty or sense of style. Society being very liberal as it is today; people should be free and express their beauty, cultural diversity and modesty. Most you British Muslims articulate this as they adorn clothes that best express their personalities, identities, concerns and perspectives .There are quite a number of social and political effects that various clothing choices express on the nurturing of transnational cultural lifestyles and formations in the multicultural urban paces.

Based on the contemporary research on matters fashion and ethnicity, it should be noted, by those interested in matters fashion, religion, cultural studies and cultural diversity that fashion is very dynamic and more people who were initially conservative about fashion are increasingly embracing it. Muslims are not left behind on matters fashion in this changing face of metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities world over.

In Emma Tarlo’s book `Visibly Muslim’ which is all about beauty, style and the Muslim religion, she is very fair and balanced and also fair-minded in the politics that surrounds the whole concept of Muslim women and their fashion in the UK. Hijab has undergone a lot of changes and improvements and many people who don’t necessarily subscribe to the Muslim religion around the world adorn it. There has been a sophisticated examination and scrutiny of the dramatic increase in dressing that cover completely and the reasons why it has continued to matter so much too many practitioners and observers. This to anyone interested in matters that deal with Muslim and fashion thing that are happening in the united kingdom would actually amaze him or her because there has been a lot of improvements and changes in as far as perception and stereotypes are concerned .Tarlo's managed to finely write an analysis about the dress code of most Muslim women. The choice, particularly by those in Britain is sensitive, modest and thoughtful .When it comes to fashion, what people should be more concerned with is personal choice, the aesthetic nature of the fashion, the likely social implications that a re likely to arise to avoid looking odd .This critical examination should be done for the sake of providing an in-depth understand of the dynamics involved in decisions concerning ones dress.

According to Weber,W.,(2007),for anyone interested in understanding the Muslim culture and their value or beliefs on matter s fashion he or she should make a point of reading through the works of Emma Tarlor . Hijab Style changes in particular have changed the way many people viewed the Muslim attire. The changing contemporary styles and designs of first-generation United Kingdom Islamic fashion companies have always opened dialogue for the sake of mutual understanding among Christians, Muslims and Jews interested in dress code subtleties. A lot has been written about Muslim dress and fashion identity in the modern day world. Tarlo has actually produced wonderful work that aims at addressing the Muslim dress, fashion and Muslims in the U.K more generally. From earlier scholarly works, one can notice that Muslim had some very stringent rules that governed their dress code, this was closely monitored and any thing short of what was expected was seriously frowned upon. Muslims for a very long period of time have never allowed their women to engage in any form of dress code that makes them look immodest in the name of fashion. Fashion has to be embraced by all because we are living in a world that is very liberal ,a lot of literature material on fashion provide readers with information on matters like fashion which are beautifully illustrated,. The only way for people to appreciate and understand each others cultures is to be open minded and tolerant to each others fashion like majority of the Britons did and hence their coexistence with Muslims. This can be considered to be one of the greatest anthropological achievements.

It is believed that Television and cameras had actually not been invented back in the day when Marie Antoinette who was only 14 years old left her home in 1770 to go get married to Dauphin Louis Auguste. Back then some of the main media personalities were making their personal rulings in rather polished languages that many might unavoidably envy. From the moment the teenage queen-to-be got stripped naked of all clothes that were foreign before public onlookers and re dressed at the border of what was now to be her new homeland, most teenage girls in history have actually been scrutinized and analyzed with more documentation which is still available to shock contemporary gawkers.

And very few still would have attempted to adorn the stylistic breaks that the controversial, trendsetter marked her turbulent reign with. Whether by simply refusing to hide her young curvy figure in funny looking corsets, making her signature wedding celebration popular .Experimenting with clothes that are traditionally known to be for men or indulging in more trendier costume , Marie Antoinette managed to make headlines with virtually every outfit that she wore. At times most of her audience loved her dress code and religiously copied her.

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Marie Antoinette greatly helped in inventing fashion as a high-stakes and fancy political game. Fashion has to be looked at as an art and many people should be encouraged to embrace it. Dress code and how people express and show beauty has always differed and in fact in some places fashion has always been deemed to be a form of immorality. Muslim women have to be liberated from their conservative traditions that frown upon exposure of any part of their body .When society eventually becomes liberal ,concepts like fashion ,style and many others that enhance women’s beauty would actually become full fledged industries that employ thousands of people. The Muslim world can afford to miss out on some of these opportunities that come with this forms of development.



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