Free Custom «Moral Argument of Gods Existence» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Moral Argument of Gods Existence» Essay Paper

The various arguments that God exists may be construed as claiming that the availability or the existence of some feature in the world would not be sensible enough unless there existed something that had a powerful version of those features or some analogue of it (Mavrodes, 2005). For instance, the argument may be assumed as centering upon the claim that the nature of the existence of the world would not be comprehensible unless there existed something behind it and that is God who had powerful grip upon its existence. Many researchers hold the claim that, morality is largely dependant upon religion, meaning that incase religion fails then morality will also not work out. They claim that the dependence is more than psychological, in that it’s logical and proper that if religion fails then the world would be full of immorality.

According to the article by George, human encounters a sense of obligation that incase it is followed would lead to no net benefit according to Russellian world which has no life after death and no spiritual realm (Mavrodes, 2005). The existence of the sense of sacrifice and gift act as the basis on which moral life is formed, thus being made as part of life pattern. Religion promotes the sense of morality through its teachings and it supports the idea that morality is not an absurd thing in the world. It also demonstrates that morality is really not the powerful thing that exists and can be experienced, but it’s a transitional stage for each individual. It’s assumed that morality will have to pass away for something that is deeper and powerful and thus religion supports the sense of obligation to something that makes sacrificing worthwhile. The existence of religion reinforces hope in things that are better and stronger which are to come and hence making acting in a good way and sacrificing worthy.

George uses Russell`s demonstration of a Godless world in which human creatures appear as accidental atomic subjects that live only until the point of physical death. This is fundamental for laying down claims that worldly morality is not adequate method for offering reasons for human beings to be moral. Therefore, this world is referred to as Russell world that involves Russell benefits like long, satisfying life that is full with good reputation. But these benefits are available even without the Russellian world. Therefore, those who live in a non-russellian world experience benefits such as life after death demonstrating the existence of God and moral life. Thus from this argument, it becomes clear that some moral obligations would occur in a Russellian loss due to the fact that there is no one who will judge that world and there is also no life after death as a benefit. It is argued then that most of the citizens of the Russellian world are likely to be immoral because they believe that God does not exist and their actions will not be judged later.

Being moral is everyone`s own best interest including oneself, but according to Russellian world, it becomes ones interest to act morally upright if everyone else is acting in a moral way. Therefore, is bound to act or not to act I immoral way independent of one`s actions. Existence of God makes morality and obligation to be deep and strong in the world, unlike in the Russellian world where they hold a belief that human beings ceases to live once they are dead. This makes all things in that world to be superficial with comparison to a world where religion exists and thus life beyond the grave.Obligation, morality, and goodness hold less effect in the world without a belief in the existence of God, therefore, its religion and believe in the existence of God that offers a deeper and powerful meaning to morality than it is in the other world like that of Russell. According to the article by George, he demonstrates the views of Dostoyevsky who says that if God does not exist, then there is permission to do everything. This would exist therefore in Russellian world which does everything because there is no judgment and life after death. But in the world which embraces God and religion, would have an obligation that since there is existence of God, then doing or acting in some manners are prohibited and also as a result of that existence of God, it will come a time when there will be no reason for prohibition and that’s in life after death and the resurrection to heaven.

The belief in the existence of God helps in shaping morality particularly religious morality. This is because religious morality creates some fear in human beings such as fear of being punished after death because of the sins commited, fearing life after death that has been set under harsh conditions for one to achieve it, and the fear of having salvation and everlasting damnation and punishment. Therefore, the result of these fears is making of decisions that are good and that leads to moral upright behaviors in human beings.

The research shows that religion and belief in the existence of God is important because it offers moral and ethical formation of a healthy and safe society in general. For instance, comparing more developed nations such Britain and United States, which many people believe in the existence of God as the creator of the world rather than the evolutionary theory. Many believers in the United States view the theory of Darwin as a social evil because it encourages atheism and immorality. Therefore, majority of the liberal Christians and other believers of other faiths such as Muslims, and Hindus have the view that religious belief shapes the society by benefiting it socially. Because of religious belief, the social evils such as violence, murder crimes, sexual sins, abortions, and suicides are reduced or even eliminated in the society.

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However, according to Kant, his argument is not based on the existence of God but justice on life after death. His views are that, everyone has a responsibility to be moral, meaning that, if someone sees the need to perform a task, he or she has a good a reason to do it. He argues further that, a moral reason is more powerful for carrying out a task than any other reason.Thus, this emphasizes that moral behavior and actions are very rational. For instance, Kant demonstrates in his argument that, acting in a sinful manner always seems to be beneficial more than being righteous, therefore, it is sin but not righteousness that would be rational. When one is faced with such a choice between doing what is correct and that which is sinful but profits him or her most if there are no punishments for immorality, then it is rational for him or her to act in a sinful manner so that he or she benefits. However, incase there is punishment for immorality and justice will be done then there is a reason to be moral.

According to the article by Kant, life is not fair in most cases because justice is not done. The evil doers always find their way to prosperity, some criminals are honored, the righteous people suffer more, and people in most cases do not get what they deserve. Therefore.if life is to be what it is, then there is no justice administered, moral actions are not rational, and thus no reason for people to be good in their behaviours.However, there is no alternative for being good because life cannot be the way it is if there is nothing, this means that there is something more that people are living up to and that is the existence of God and afterlife. Despite the fact that Kant argues on the truth about the existence of God in the world, his views and demonstrations shows clearly that at some point he believes that moral value is built on the existence of religion, which emphasizes the existence of life after death and hence God`s existence. The belief in life after death demonstrates justice being administered to the sinners while the righteous being rewarded for their moral behavior.Thus, if this demonstration and others which are similar to it are right, there is need to explain the rationality of morality. The rationality of morality is thus developed on the belief that there is life after death as demonstrated by religious views and that God does exist (Kant, 2007).

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Christianity is therefore related to the queerness in two ways and these include the view that it offers the world in which morality is not seen as being absurd. It also provides morality a deeper and powerful place in the world unlike the Russellian suggestion thus making it to have some sence.In the second case, religion suggests that morality is not that strong and the most powerful thing, that it is just transitory. It suggests that religion is there to serve its purpose and the pass away with time in favor of something else that is much deeper and more powerful. For instance, it tells us that since God exist, there is prohibition from doing somethings,but at the same time, it emphasizes that because God exists, there will be no prohibitions in the end or in the life after death.


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