Free Custom «Ministry Plan Template» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ministry Plan Template» Essay Paper

Scriptural Foundations

Redeem Ministry is a ministry established at Viewpoint Township to draw closer all members and non members of Viewpoint Township to God. The ministry is based on Matthew 28:18-20 18 which says and I quote “And Jesus came speaking to them, saying, "All power and authority has been bestowed to me in heaven and even on earth. Verse 19 continues when he says to them, "Go therefore up and about making disciples of all the nations, baptize them wholly in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit” Verse 20 concludes it when Jesus adds, "teaching them the best way to observe all the things that I have always commanded you” . The ministry therefore observes submission as a virtue in its establishment.

The Ministry is established under the esteemed values of love and submission to God for eternity . The ministry invites all people of the local church and the surroundings who have the desire to live truthfully and faithfully abide in Christ while they devote themselves to spreading the word of God . The soundest scriptural foundations of the Ministry revolves around scriptural verses of love, peace and unity . On the same note, the ministry is guided by utmost service to the creator which calls for total redemption and submission for involvement in all ministerial works . The ministry is also validated and guided by separate scriptures in the broad spectrum of the ministry activities.

For the Behavioral Goals, the ministry is deeply rooted in observing commitment, compassion and obedience to the word of God in service of the people which God has called us to serve and deliver his word while redeeming them from the chains of the evil . As the scriptures say in John 7:37, “On the last and greatest day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink” This is what the Ministry serves to preach to the people for them to know the word and live with it as they practice the love of Christ.

The ministry also upholds what Jesus started by valuing his word in Matthew 11:28 “Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” . With the application of this scripture the ministry works out as a sigh of relief to the burdened who feel pressed and who have no where to turn to giving them hope and establishing a new beginning for them.

Encompassing Vision Statement for the Ministry

To equip the members in carrying out The Great Commission this is subject to the mission of the ministry . This involves keeping God at the center of all things and in discipleship, with reality that only through God’s power and grace can we are accomplish His vision. Willingness of being used as a vessel to serve and honor the Lord our God all the days of your existence . Assisting new believers to develop a personal experience with the presence of God and feel his power, by learning how to communicate with him directly and have a regular conversation with God while maintain obedience to him . Building a foundation for the devoted Christian to grow continually in spirit and develop good relationship with the Almighty God. To assist Christians who have been in the word for long to grow spiritually as a believer in Christ and develop commitments with Christ thus resulting in a stronger and established foundations.

Behavioral Goals with an Encompassing Goal Statement including Slogans and Visuals

The Ministry Goals is to start Sunday morning classes purposed to teach the Word of God in order to develop the faith of the congregation and support the growth of follower into maturity in Christ . The ministry also purposes to spread the word of God across generations and oversee the development of Christians in spiritual growth. It also purposes to develop them to become disciples and preach the word of God to the less fortunate who do not have a chance to learn more about God .

The other Goal is to bring up sound and mature disciples of the ministry who will go out there to the world and preach the word of God while making sure that they deliver messages of peace, and love just like our Savior Jesus Christ requested us . It follows the writings in the book of "Go ye into the entire world and preach the Gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15) or "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 28:20) .

The Ministry in its Goals directed towards drawing people closer to God refers primarily to the people who do not Know God personally or who know him but have not lived as per his expectations . These are the groaned people who are stressed after engaging in real life situations and having felt the weight of living a life without Christ. Just like in its mission, it purposes to tell everyone to come to the Ministry and embrace the new Ministry system with a promise of freeing them from burdensome stresses of living a lie . Extending on its purpose, the mission of the Ministry addresses the lost and the ruined sinner who has realized he is lost and seeks to find a better life in knowing Christ and forego the "burdening life".

A generalization of the Goal of the ministry lays its mission on the life of Paul and his teachings to Timothy. As looked into the latest injunctions of the ministry Paul’s teachings to Timothy before martyrdom were all based on preaching the word of God to all Nations the main key words in his message were "Preach the Word" and this is what the ministry purposes to achieve . Thirty years of experience as a devoted Christian, fifteen years being an apostle and being inspired by the Holy Ghost is what the Ministry works out with submitting to the commands that hail from heaven . Just like Timothy was ordered, the ministry appreciates that this is something that any ministry abiding to the New Testament that it should do and subject all efforts to preaching the word.

Measurable Objectives of the Ministry

Redeem ministry was established in the light of preaching the word of God and developing people to be good disciplines of Christ. Therefore, in its running, the ministry’s objective covers the entire activities of the ministry which are scheduled to take place over the period scheduled for the ministry to run . The established objectives are however in line with the goals of the ministry to help in attaining them and making the ministry a success in the light of spreading God’s word.

Objective #1: Teach the Word of God

By the time an individual members of the ministry practice in the ministry for six months, he or she will be able to read, understand and comprehend the word of God alone and be able to teach others basing on the truth and experience . Redeem Ministry has been all along since its establishment about teaching the Word of God. Nevertheless, other there has been a great vision of looking into its objective and widening the scope of the ministry into training, fostering accountability and overseeing the growth of the ministry . Accountability measures for the teachers, session objectives, new and approved class subjects and other programs for monitoring could help in reaching the desired objective.

The objective is based on God’s word from the book of LU 9:26 “for whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels .” The objective is to proclaim the word of God and follow it to the letter while adhering to his commandments.

Objective #2: Integrate Prayer into All ministry Activities

In four months time, all the activities of the church will have integrated prayer as the first thing done before starting on anything. Leaders of the respective activities will have acknowledged that prayer should be the starting point of any session in their activities. A class sessions with in-depth devotion to prayer will be monitored and supported ensuring that God’s people learn more about prayer as well as how to play . The objective in this case is to envisage a “prayer warrior report” published for the ministry and is directed particularly towards each teacher, subject and class. The published report is excellent for the ministry as it would be of use to the elders of the church and individuals in supporting prayer programs.

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Objective #3: Assigning Age-Appropriate ministers per group

In six months times, the ministry will have identified age appropriate ministers to head respective departments in necessitating their compatibility with the targeted age group. All the established class sessions for the ministry will be addressing age-appropriate subjects. Nevertheless, the class members per each class may be composed of a variety in ages which the minister will be trained how to handle the same . The ministry will in this case set up class sessions addressing spiritual deficiencies in diverse age groups in that the diverse groups and their maturity levels will be adequately met.

Objective #4: Establish a Common Purpose

In six months time, the ministry will have emulated a common purpose and individuals practicing in the ministry for at least six months will be driven by the goals of the organization in all their activities . Class sessions established within the ministry for instance basic Christian beliefs, membership, sharing faith and others will indeed be of help to the congregation as it would be helping to renew individual minds through Christian teachings al related to topics about fellowship, worship, prayer, and service to others. This will be renewing hope and giving people a better understanding of “love” as the

Desired Outcomes

1. Accountability of the ministry members to the Elders, with the responsibility of feeding the flock.

• Teacher training and guidelines

• Written class expectations and objectives

• Prayer Warrior Report

2. Increased knowledge, availability and passion of the ministry teachers.

• Teachers’ devotion and commitments for class sessions instead of commitment for years

3. Easily available teachings on core beliefs at least once in a year.

• Article 3 of the constitution class, membership classes, and others in assisting with building oneness and togetherness in the body

4. Intentional Studies success, which will assist everyone within the ministry to focus on deficiencies in faith and the physical aspect of it.

• A reviewed class session with their approval by the ministry’s leadership team

5. Feedback to elders and teachers.

• Students’ completed evaluations

• Training designed targeting the ministry’s weaknesses

• Gift recognition

• Increased growth in the word of God

• Annual survey for the overall ministry

• Availability of more teachers, their holy obedience and more generosity

7. Focus on the Ministry’s vision and mission

• Subject matter of the teachings, run through a mission/vision filter. Done through a simple check by enquiring from people on how a particular teaching meets the ministry’s mission

Identification and description of the characteristics of the target group

The Ministry targets all age groups and both gender with over 500 people targeted to join the ministry in two years time. The target of the ministry basis on LU 9:24 with the scriptures quoted “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. ” The main target are the devoted Christians who feel obliged to take their role and serve God according to his will with utmost commitment and denial.

It’s the sole aim of the Ministry to seek for more people to serve God. Just like the scriptures say, after Jesus had finished talking to the disciplines and gave them instructions on how they handle issues, he went out and walked from town to another preaching the word of his father . This is what the Ministry targets, going out across all regions and reaching out to the unreachable while making sure that they have access to the word of God.

The Ministry in general targets individuals with a consciousness of their anguishes and transgressions and those who have trembled and lost their way and have realized that they need deliverance . The mission is to deliver relief to these people and show them the right way. Just like the scriptures say in the parable of the lost sheep, the ministry targets even the ones that earthly classifications and categorizations refer as “the minority.” The Gospels of Matthew (18:12–14) and the Gospel according to Luke (15:3–7) are the two scriptures guiding the ministry to its target of the least recognized. As the scripture says in Luke (15:3–7) “Which of you men, if you had one hundred sheep, and lost one of them, wouldn't leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one that was lost, until he found it? When he has found it, he carries it on his shoulders, rejoicing. When he comes home, he calls together his friends and his neighbors, saying to them, 'Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!' I tell you that even so there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents, than over ninety-nine righteous people who need no repentance” . The ministry therefore looks into salvaging a soul and bringing it to Christ.

The ministry also welcomes everyone to join and be comfortable within the ministry as it serves rights and follow a similar case with the prodigal son as espoused in the bible showing a sense of welcoming our loved ones back home . The Ministry acts like Christ by telling the people to come and join the ministry, to believe in the Ministry and most importantly God and have trust in the ministry and its activities in they are to be delivered and salvaged from the wrath of the hustles in the real world. On doing so, the Ministry seeks to assure its followers that they will have eternal peace in Christ and they will finally rest from sins, terrors of the world and fears that are part of the external world.

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The target of the Ministry is also to let people understand their worth and bring down all forms of myth which might be engulfing their life . The Ministry’s mission seeks to identify how people live their life and the wrongs they do which later haunt them. Therefore, it is the goal of the ministry to target the heart broken individuals who think that it is all over for them and therefore bringing them closer and showing them the Love of Christ which redeems them .

Just like Jesus explained, there are times when we as individuals in our lives are faced with affliction not because God hates us but so that we are brought closer to our creator. The purpose of the ministry is to make people understand this and draw them close to their creator . This is based on the Scriptures from John 9:1-3 which says "And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered, neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him" . What was seen by many people as being a curse was all of a sudden a blessing because this man met his Savior. The Ministry makes it apparent that people can change no matter their situation therefore helps everyone understand their state and maximum on the opportunity of being drawn closer to God.

Base path of development (measurable steps)

A. Valuing the discipleship ministry and working out as the base for the leaders and believers at all levels. The direction is nurturing young talent in the discipleship ministry and developing them to being future leaders . This will entail acting as role models to the young generation and helping them advance their interests in the discipleship ministry.

B. Continue teaching and administrating in the Advanced Training program for Leadership. This will engulf the ministry’s mission of nurturing future leaders of the ministry through training. The specialists involved in the ministry will be working towards achieving this.

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C. Mentor the leadership within the church in the congregations. This will be done through “Natural Church Development” paradigm which will be based as a framework for the church leaders to perceive God’s direction as the directions which their churches should take.

D. Provide special seminars of training for the believers in diverse areas of need in living life as holy Christians. This will involve identifying the various spiritual needs of the members of the ministry and taking them through special trainings to equip them with strength and develop them in spirituality .

Short-term goals

A. Identify teachers – the goal is to build a group, which can feed each other, with the prospects of letting them work through several issues of the ministry so that they participate and take part in.

B. Identify study courses – the goal is to focus on the vision and mission of the ministry in establishing courses which address all areas of the ministerial activities.

C. Identify sizes, facilities and classes

D. Identity strengths and weaknesses of the current classes – the idea is to find out whether or not the classes would consider merging and coming up with the best of the trainings.

A. involvement of elders in feeding the young each hour by following a teaching and prayer program

B. Increase the knowledgeable of 90% of congregation on basic beliefs, to develop their ability of sharing faith and leading other people Christ within and outside the ministry.

C. Increased growth in holy obedience to Christ, conformity to God – measured through fruit of congregation

Initially the church could pass out information on what was allowed or disallowed within the ministry, areas that the church needed to work on, and other self evaluations . After the completion of class session evaluations, individual pointers normally could surface for an individual teacher with particular areas of identified weaknesses or strengths addressed. Eventually the church would hire a professor from several universities of choice including Bluffton University and others for instance Winebrenner, that would be mandated to run a Saturday workshop for the ministry teachers and other aspiring teachers to join the ministry.

Scope and Sequence Plan

March 22 – 25 ID ministry teachers and others individuals (teacher prospects)

March 26 Survey ‘the list’ identified and finds the best dates assigned for luncheon

March 27: Sending invitations for the ministry luncheon

April 2 or 9: dates set aside for presenting the Redeem Ministry proposals to teachers

April 10: Presentation of the proposal to the Council

May 12/13: Leaders Retreat – Introduction of Redeem Ministry proposals together with rough draft of course objectives, table of contents, descriptions, and student expectations in the coming year

May 14: Presentation of Proposal to the congregation

June 1: identification of Session specialists

June 1: First draft for 2011-2012 sessions of course objectives, topics, descriptions, table of contents and student expectations

May 12/13: Leaders Retreat – Introduction of Redeem proposals together with a rough draft of course objectives, table of contents, descriptions, and student expectations in the coming year

May 14: Presentation of the Proposal to the congregation

July 1: approving the Course descriptions for the coming year

July – Aug 20: Congregation sign-up for courses to be done in the next year

. Aug 20: Matching of facilities with ministry courses

Aug 27: release a published classroom map with an established roster for the next year to congregation.

Sep 3: Kick-off of new Redeem Ministry calendar and Ministry course offerings

• Ministry Personnel

1. Specialists of monitoring and approving class sessions (3-5 specialists)

2. 12 – 20 pool of teachers – however the number varies with the membership to the group. The teachers are to provide strong biblical training to interpret God’s word accurately

3. 1-2 teachers per course session in a single class. The session specialist’s work is to approve expectations of classes (acquired through teachers’ submissions), they also review evaluations

4. Teachers will need 5 or more hours each day study, 1 hour will be for the presentation. Session specialists will take 1-2 hours every week to approve the course sessions of the year.

5. Teachers will be committing 9 – 10 weeks for class sessions. Redeem Ministry leader will commit to serve a 3 year term.

6. Accountability will be revealed through evaluations to ascertain whether expectations and objectives of the mission were met.

Anticipated Changes in 5 - 10 yrs

• Growth of the ministry – More classroom space required

• Increased members in the ministry - More resource required

• Increased activities for the ministry – More funding required

Anticipated Challenges

A) Enlargement of Classroom space – there are possibilities of converting the sanctuary to a ‘quarterly’ classroom which would cause a conflict between the Ministry activities and those of the worship teams.

B) Class identity for parties, fellowship or class care couples

C) Reaching the identified goal

D) Sustaining members

With the ministry starting programs to spread the word of God, there are lots of prospected challenges in the process of making the ministry a success. The ministry is anticipated to enlarge in due time and increasing more members with zeal of learning the word of God . Therefore, the already available classes will need to be enlarged to accommodate more people for the lessons to progress successfully. Due to the financial difficulties within the institution, it is apparent that the ministry will need to convert the sanctuary into classroom at times which is very controversial and brings about conflict especially with other activities of the church including scheduled meetings.

There is also an immense challenge linked with Class identity for parties, fellowship or class care couples. This is because individuals have of diverse age groups, sex and this comes along with preferences when it comes to the ministry and its activities . Finding a suitable activity to suit the diverse age groups will be a herculean challenge which will make the planning in the ministry difficult and much involving.

It will also be difficult for the Ministry to achieve all its desired goals bearing in mind that there are other activities of the church which are quite demanding and these compromise the level of work within the ministries. This will be resulting from the over commitment of members to individual activities and the tight schedule plus the short time limit set for the ministry to achieve its goals.

There is also a level of uncertainty in the future funding of the Ministry. This is a challenge because the ministry has to limit its budget to the current funding to prevent any future hiccups and therefore, it limits its flexibility in organizing some activities off the program that would have been beneficial to the mission of the Ministry which is reaching out to as many people as possible and increasing their knowledge related to the word of God .

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The other Herculean challenge is the capacity of the Ministry to retain the members by sustaining them through incentives and making sure that they are not diverted to other activities . Especially on the issue of economic hardships, it is difficult to have people devote themselves to such long times of full sessions of trainings because they engage in other economic activities and therefore divert attention which the ministry’s capacity does not any say over.


1) Teacher rotation

• All teachers will be placed in a pool – the teachers would randomly rotate from a class to another. They will teach the same subject to each group

• The rotation will be meant to keep teachers fresh, which would allow for in depth time for study

• The rotation will also allow for a variety of styles in teaching and help them exploit diverse thoughts

• The rotation is also excellent in creating a more desirable timeframe to teachers who would love teaching for a short period and an input of more teachers in the program

Budget and Communication Tools and Techniques

Resources required

1. Facilities - meeting areas, classroom, chairs

In carrying out the respective activities of the ministry, there will be need for facilities where meeting areas will take the first priority. Classrooms will be vital where lessons will be taking place hosting a given number of students. Chairs or desks will also be of requirement as facilities to sit on during lessons and other events.

2. Supplies - notebooks, writing pads, binders, and a copier

Notebooks and writing pads are important as writing materials which will be require during lessons for the attendants. A copier will be excellent for the ministry to produce materials needed during lessons by the students with ease and in huge numbers. Binders are also of a necessity as they will be helping in keeping the records for future references especially recording lessons given in class

3. Funds/budget for training sessions

The ministry requires funds to facilitate its budget. This is particularly funds that would help in funding the training sessions including paying the trainers, buying the stationery required and

4. Technology – white boards, computer, projector, and DVD in each class

These are the technologies required in ensuring that training sessions are carried out well and successfully to facilitate knowledge transmission from the trainers to the students or the ministry members.


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