Free Custom «Jewish Mysticism» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Jewish Mysticism» Essay Paper

Kabbalah also known as Jewish mysticism. is a school of thought that takes into consideration the mystical issues of Judaism. It tries to explain  the relationship that exists between the creator and his creation. Mystical experiences and also mysticism has always been in Judaism from the earliest times. The Torah or the holy book has many stories that have mystical kind of experiences. This include prophetic visions and dreams, people being visited by angels.

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The Talmud helps in considering the existence of the soul that has been attached to the body of flesh. The Jewish traditions teach that the souls of all Jews existed from the time when the Torah was being given and it also states that all the Jews were all present when the Covenant was being made and they all agreed to abide with the covenant. In the Jewish religion there are stories about places that are similar to heaven where souls wander and are reincarnated. Talmud has some vague hints of a mysical school of thought that was being taught to the only very advanced students of the society and they made no writings to what they were taught.


Judaism recognizes the place of the soul in religion and tries to define what happens to the soul when the mind abandons the soul. The Jewish mysticism is of major importance as it helped to develop esoteric traditions since the Renaissance. The Christian Kabbalah came from this and has greatly influenced the development of modern day Jewish mysticism.

Though Jewish mysticism is used heavily by some Jewish groups or denominations, it has never been a denomination as itself. It is a set a group of scriptures which are not from the Torah. These scriptures that form the Kabbalah try to define what the universe or nature is and who are human beings. It also tries to define the reason why we exist and it also tries to give the concept of how one can achieve spiritual realization. The Kabbalah developed froom the Jewish thoughts and has always used texts from the classical Jewish teachings and sources. They believe that the Kabbalah teachings help Jews to understand the teachings of Torah and the rabbinic literatures and make Jews to understand the importance of the religious observance Jews do.

Judaism is has often referred to as the religion of reason but it Judaism is also a religion of Souls. Judaism has a big recognition of the value of mystic insight which is those indefinable intuitions that exists in the life of the followers of Judaism. In the Jewish faith revelation is an important part of the Jewish faith, then it must have a reason. The Jewish prophets were recipients of oral doctrines which were transferred from father to son orally. Judaism is a religion of feelings and intellect, Judaism has a place for reason and love and therefore even though we would want to have everything to be proved there are some Jewish mysteries that are hard to prove.



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