Jesus Both Human and Divine

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In accordance with Voorwinde (2005) Jesus may be considered as both human and divine considering his birth, baptism, and temptation. According to the Christian faith, Jesus was conceived through the Holy Spirit but through the Virgin Mary.  However, Jesus came to the world in human form and he had a family just like any other human being. The nature of Jesus as being both human and divine is attributed to the messiah, son of man, and prophet roles (p. 2). The three main roles are quite different but the messiah role is more controversial due to the difference between the interpretation of Jesus regarding the role and the expectations of Judaism. Nevertheless, the roles son of man and Prophet are easily acceptable by most cultures or regions in their view of historical Jesus. On the other hand, the Prophetic role of Jesus enables him to be considered as God’s direct messenger, and his human nature provides sympathy with human feelings and attitudes. Moreover, the humanity of Jesus emphasizes on his ability to experience pain contributes greatly to the reality of his suffering and crucification leading to his death (Rashdall 2008, p. 16).

According to Rashdall (2008) In the Holy Trinity, Jesus is considered as the son and this fact gives him God incarnate identity of being both divine and human. During the baptism of Jesus, a dove gave down upon him which symbolized his divine nature. Nonetheless, the prophetic role of Jesus is already expected through his omniscient role of messiah, but there are certain aspects that in his ministry that differentiate the role of messiah from the role of prophet (p.32). In addition, while these are Jesus’ divine facets, his identity as human is also important since it gives more significance to the sacrifices he made especially crucification laying down his life. Meanwhile, Jesus adheres to the basic description of the messiah prophesied by Judaism considering that he was born as David’s descendant, although the Jews were expecting a messiah who would deliver God’s people from physical bondage. 

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As a matter of fact, Jesus is more recognized as the messiah than a prophet, since it’s through his role of messiah that he can save while as a prophet he simply foretells the future, just like other prophets. Nevertheless, the role of Jesus as the Messiah is more controversial as compared to his other facets (Voorwinde 2005, p. 11). Actually, the Jewish people were more prepared to accept him as a complete human prophet than being the real Messiah because of the varying expectations of the Jews regarding the role of the Messiah. In line with this, the Jews expected that the Messiah will bring redemption to Israel, gather their dispersed, confirm the Ten Commandments, and save the people. On the contrary, Jesus caused Israel to be brought down through war and to be humiliated. The Jews had longed for a Messiah who would fight physically to save them just like a powerful king would do but instead he came to save the soul by dying for the sins of people (Rashdall 2008, p. 44).

In relation to Voorwinde (2005) the miracles that Jesus performed also portray his divine nature. In several occasions, he healed people of diseases that were believed to be incurable and even went to an extent of raising the dead. This demonstrates that the power of God was upon him and that’s why he could do things that were beyond human imagination. Basically, the life of Jesus was more divine than human. During the crucification leading to the death of Jesus, the temple curtains tore into two and it suddenly became dark. This clearly illustrates that Jesus was not just human but also divine, hence was the promised Messiah. The manner in which Jesus related with other people brought out his human nature although at certain instances his divine nature was also portrayed (p.24).

Free Essay Sample «Jesus Both Human and Divine »


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