Free Custom «Islamic Jihad» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Islamic Jihad» Essay Paper

Islam is the second largest religion of the world. The increasing number of Muslims poses a threat to the whole world due to their violent ideas regarding Jihad. Jihad is an Islamic term which refers to a specific religious task of the Muslims which requires them to fight against the immoral and the wicked. In Arabic, the term jih%u0101d refers to a noun which simply means ‘to struggle.’ This term appears regularly in the Qur’an as an idiomatic expression of the phrase ‘striving in the way of Allah’. A person who takes part in a Jihad is referred to as a mujahid. According to the Qur’an, a Jihad is a significant religious obligation on all Muslims. A small group of the Sunni scholars refers to Jihad as the 6th pillar of Islam, even though this is not an official status of the religion. However, the Twelver Shi’a Islam regards to it as one of the ten fundamental practices of the religion. Muslims consider Jihad as something very important and they see it as a way to please the God Almighty. This understanding has important implications on world today.

The Origins of the Group and their Interpretation of Jihad

Islam is an old religion. It is based in 7th century. The religion became popular with the advent of Prophet Mohammad, the holy prophet of Muslims. He started to spread the message of God and after him his caliphs contributed greatly to the propagation of the religion. This is the point when Islam started to spread.

The use of force in the spreading of Islam actually is the start of violence by this religious group. They were good fighters and they took land by force, much like the other rulers. This allowed them to become a prominent force in many parts of the world. One of their Caliphs known as Omer was an excellent warrior and he alone conquered great lands for religion. This is the origin of this terrorist group.

The main thing that forces Muslims to resolve to violence is Jihad. So in order to completely understand the origins of the group we will have to give specific attention to their concept of Jihad and how this concept forces them to behave in a violent manner. Only then we can properly understand their origins and their mindset.

There is wide range of opinions in existence about the precise meaning of Jihad. Muslims use this term in a religious milieu to refer to three different types of struggles, i.e. the struggle in a holy war, the struggle to uphold the Muslim society, or an internal struggle to keep their faith. The discrepancies in opinion arise due to the different interpretations upheld by the two most significant sources in Islam, i.e. the ahadith and the Qur’an. For instance, Bernard Lewis, a renowned orientalist, argues that in both the Qur’an and the ahadith, jihad is depicted as warfare in many instances. A medieval Islamic scholar known as Yahya al-Nawawi stated in an explication of the ahadith Sahih Islam that one of collective responsibilities of the members of the community is to hold valid protests so as to solve the problems of their religion, to gain knowledge about the divine law and to command correct behavior, as well as to prohibit wrong conduct. Western societies usually translate the term jihad to mean ‘holy way’. However, Muslim authors usually reject that approach, emphasizing on non-militant implications of the term. Technical literature also uses the phrase ‘holy war’ in describing a jihad. Nevertheless, scholars of Islamic studies argue that the two words are not tantamount.

The recent problem that our world is facing from Islam started with the Iranian Revolution in 1970’s. After that Muslim fundamentalism grew among a generation and this is the sole cause of problem in today’s world. The religious group was not always a threat to the society but the recent wave of extremism originated from the Iranian revolution of the 1970’s. After that Islam became a threat to the world.

It is important to note that not all Muslims have this extreme and fundamentalist view of Jihad. In Modern Standard Arabic, the term jihad is one of the acceptable terms used to refer to a struggle of any kind: violent or non-violent, secular or religious. An example of such usage is Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha fight for the independence of India which is often referred to as a jihad. This term is also used to refer to the fight for the liberty of women. It is therefore important to note that this term is used in different contexts to refer to both violent and non-violent undertakings. Simply put, the term jihad may be used to refer to an endeavor to live a virtuous and moral life, defending and spreading the teachings of Islam and fighting against injustice and oppression.

Being said that we should also understand that this religious group is now a danger to all humanity due to its fundamentalist beliefs regarding Jihad and although not all Muslims may share this opinion, the majority of them are known to believe in the violent notions of Jihad. This trend has become increasingly famous after the end of Soviet Union. After the victory over Soviets, the Afghan religious extremists have gained much popularity and strength. After the war the extremist element of this group increased greatly.

Structure of Islamic Fundamentalist Groups

Islamic terrorist groups are very organized. Normally all terrorist are very well organized but Islamic groups like Taliban are extremely well organized. They work as a unit to fight against the western armies and they also coordinate attack on western nations. Also these groups are very well trained in combat.

The reason why these groups are so well trained is because they were trained by the American and the Pakistani armed forces during the Soviet Afghan War. The same people who fought against the Soviets are now fighting against the United States and the NATO army in Afghanistan. There training is perfect and they are able to coordinate attacks in different countries from their bases in Northern region of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is an example of their coordination and the strength of their structure.

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There are several Islamic fundamentalist groups present in the world. Some are located in the Afghan Pakistan region. But there are others as well that are located in Saudi Arab, Lebanon, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. These groups have great coordination between them and the amount of resources they posses are simply amazing. There coordination is more or less like an intelligence agency and this makes this group perilous for all mankind.

These groups are situated in different regions but they have a common goal and this united them and makes them even deadlier. The problem is that a normal terrorist group is located mostly in a particular area or region. But these Islamic fundamentalists are located in a wide area and this causes a lot of problems for the different countries and intelligence agencies to track them. This is why they are able to spread violence in the world easily. There structure is also very strong so they cannot be penetrated.

The head of the group in a particular region is called an Amir which is followed by a Naib Amir or deputy head leader who fills in the place in the case of death or injury of the main leader.The leader is also responsible to handle the financial resources of the organization. Some of the Islamic groups have millions of dollars at their disposal which they collect through the sale of weapons and drugs and kidnapping.

These groups have extreme level of loyalty among them and they are extremely violent. Usually there is no mole in the group but if one of identified. He or she is immediately killed and his body is left on the streets so that other people can take lesson from the incident. The loyalty among the group is also because of their faith in Islam and they think of each other as brother. This makes it impossible to destroy them from the roots as their structure is so strong and invincible. Most of the members of the terrorist group are recruited early in life and form the childhood hatred is inculcated on their minds.

The supply of infinite number of young recruits makes them as formidable force. They are recruiting more and more people all over the world especially in the war region of Israel and Afghanistan. All this is done because the victims have spite in their hearts so they can make very good soldiers. The young minds are very easy to corrupt and they are used against the armies of the west.

Motivations of Islamic Terrorist Groups

The Islamic terrorist groups seek motivation in their religion. They use Islam as a motivation to their work. They think that they will go to Jannat for all the good work they will do in this world. And the good work is defined as killing of non Muslims especially the western people as they are infidels and wicked. This is the main motivation of the group and many people in Islam also have the same motivation for doing violence.

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Muslims believe in life here after and they believe that all Muslims will be rewarded in life here after. They also believe that good Muslims who follow Islam are the ones who will go to heavens and will enjoy eternal glory. The definition of good is dubitable in Islam as the moderate Muslims think that violence is not good while the terrorist groups think that there sole purpose is to defeat the wicked and save the suffering ones. This idea alone makes Muslims use their bodies as suicide bombs in order to destroy their target. They attack everyone indiscriminately as they think that their goal is more important than anything.

The attraction of reward after life in this world has lured many groups to perform hideous acts and Muslim terrorists are one of them. They want to make this world a better place by killing all people of other religion and in this way they will do the work of God in their opinion. They, on the face of it, argue that they are with the weak, but in reality they are just against the American and the Jews.

There attack of 9/11 on America is an example of their thinking. They want to dominate the world and they want to spread their religion of Islam in the world. All this is done to please God and attain the bounties of heavens in the life hereafter. This is what motivates them and this why they are a danger to the society.

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Muslims view of religion is actually the main motivation to them. They think Jihad is a part of their religion and that is what motivates them. They classify it into two forms i.e. the greater jihad which refers to the struggle against one’s own soul, and the lesser jihad which refers to the external physical striving that often entails fighting. Gibril Haddad has attempted to study the basis upon which the belief that internal jihad refers to the greater jihad is founded. In his analysis, he identifies the principal historical basis for this belief in the word hadith, in which as earlier stated, Prophet Mohammed was quoted telling his warriors that they had come from a lesser jihad of fighting against non-Muslims and were heading towards a greater one, i.e. the struggle of all Allah’s servants against their own desires. Even though Haddad recognizes that the validity of the hadith is questionable, he points out that the underlying principal of the preeminence which internal jihad holds has reliable basis in the Qur’an and other forms Islamic literature.

This is what is believed by Muslim terrorist groups. This is their ideology and this is what instigates them to fight against the people. There interpretation of Islam is very popular among Muslims and this is the reason why the whole religion is a threat for the world. A religion that seeks motivation of good in violence cannot be good for the society. This is the reason of its worldwide condemnation.

Goal of Islamic Terrorist Groups

There are many Islamic terrorist groups and all of them work in different regions. The regional groups have their own agendas but they are united in their aim of destruction of America and the west. They think that America is their enemy and they want to destroy United States of America. They think that killing western people is justified as Americans are killing them in their countries. These groups actually want to see their religion on the top of this world and this is their main goal. They have set shorter goals in order to achieve their main goal but this has not stopped them to forget their goals. In every video tape that is issued by Al- Qaeda is actually a message to the west that they will be destroyed and is asking all Muslims to stand against the west.

The logic which they provide is that America and the west are actually hurting Muslims all over the world so in order to save their religion and their brothers they have to fight against the west and America. This logic has many loop holes but when it is wrapped in Quran and religion and reward of heaven, most Muslims tend to believe this and they try to act in the manner as proposed by the terrorist groups. This is increasing the number of followers of this ideology all over the world.

Another goal of these terrorist organizations is to successfully defeat the United States army in the war that is going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They think that if they kill American people then the war can end easily and that is why they attack American people all over the world. The killing of Daniel Pearl was also done in order to threaten the people of the United States. This rationale is hard to understand but this thinking is portrayed on many Muslim websites. The idea is basically to threaten the people of United States and in turn force United States army to retrieve. This is actually one of their primary goals right now.

They also regularly attack their fellow Muslims in Pakistan because they think that Pakistani government is committing a sin in allying with the United States government. That’s why they also attack people of Pakistan and die to that many Muslims have lost their lives in this war of religion. There one of the goals is to break the US Pakistan bond and for that they attack Pakistani people as well.

Threat Islamic Terrorist Group poses to the world

Any kind of mindset that springs from violence and that is forcing people to attack a particular kind of people is detrimental for the society and the world. The world cannot be at peace when such ideas are practiced by groups and when such groups are willing to kill and get killed for the fulfillment of such goals. All Muslim terrorist organizations are a threat to the security of the whole world and not only America as these groups are against everyone in the world. They even kill their own brothers and countrymen so one can imagine the danger they will cause to the world.

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These groups are also very dangerous as they are willing to die for their cause. This shows their determination and belief. That is why it is of extreme importance to fight with them as they are an evil like no other. There attack on the Twin Towers showed their capability and their strength and that is why they should be stopped. If they have the capability to fight the United Sates army for 9 years and have the strength to plan the attack of 9/11 then they can be dangerous for the whole world.

The policies that are in place in order to fight the evils of Islamic terrorism are not enough. More severe action must be taken in order to ensure that they are contained and defeated. The places where they reside should be attacked so that they can be killed. Also people who are not like them, that are liberal Muslims, should be made allies and then violent Muslims should be killed. The war should not be seen as a war against a religion but should be seen as a war against a terrorist group.

Islamic terrorist groups are a significant threat to this world. Their ideology is based on religion and there whole idea of Jihad is nothing more than a violent struggle against the west. They are devoted to their purpose and their goal so they can only be defeated by war. These groups are getting stronger by the day and the whole world should come together against them otherwise they will prove to be a formidable force for many years to come.



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