Free Custom «Islam Religion in Todays World» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Islam Religion in Todays World» Essay Paper

Islam Understanding

Survey shows that most Americans are Christians; hence many of them have no direct exposure to Muslim religion. As a result, they have drawn much stronger stereotypes from the September 11 attack. This has also been reinforced by recent bombings like at Fort Hood, Texas, shootings and the Times Square bomb plot.  Despite of growth in positive Muslim-American social and political activism interfaith organizations, most Americans still holds negative perception towards Islam. The Brotherhood of Muslim is misunderstood by the US officials. Many of whom hold believe that, it is a moderate, much peaceful organization that ought to help them against the terrorist groups like Al Qaeda.

These opinions are based on the fact that, from historical news reports and current pronunciation of peace from the leaders of brotherhood. Such like views are also backed up by the considerable open feuding between Al Qaeda and the group over the past decades. The American believes that most Islamists in the U.S are just hiding, by blending and presenting themselves as Islam theology followers. However they are hiding their true faces for them to gain the American trust. The big issue is that most police post does not know how to use the computer for the purpose of research on the true Islamists.

In Great Britain, till 20th century, Muslim was understood as a religion of peace, kindness, justice and gender equity promoters, tolerance and creative. However, the goalpost has been changed. It is known Great Britain that, at the bottom of all piles, economic, education and socially, is the Muslims. However, these are the main Islamic matters. Islam in Great Britain has been understood as having no values that are in common with other cultures. It is understood to mean violent ideologies of politics, other than being a religion.

In India, the understanding that never moves away is that, the spread of Islam was by the Sword. The Muslims in India have been understood as the only division that has the ability of ripping a part the whole state. This is because, Muslim in India are understood not to be confined to just one part of the country. In addition, Islam has concentrated in the urban centers. In India it is understood that Islam is an integrated religion, though some sources disagree. It is understood that Muslim are living in slums in areas dominated by Muslims. This is because Muslim tenants are shunned away by landlords in developed residential areas. This is so even if they belong to the same social class. This is because, in India, Muslims are well known in causing violence.

In other Asian countries, it is understood that, the spread of Islam was much gradual. It is understood by the Chinese Muslim that one of the companions of Mohammad brought the religion in the country. Current, the largest populations of Muslims are in Asia. IN MOST PARTS OF Asian countries, Islam has impacted on political stability and security as a whole. This is because of inter-country relations. The main reason for inter-states conflicts is due to large Muslim population, economic and power needs, and geographical positions.

In Pakistan, fit is emphatically understood that Talibanization will some day take place in Pakistan. But after caring out analysis of conditions that might lead to the incident, the society of Pakistan can’t be the reflection of Afghanistan society. All Pakistanians have their own understanding on Islam, which is having much effect on the Muslim devotee teaching. They understand Islam as paying attributes to graves of pious individuals. In Pakistan, the number of these who take part in fasting during Ramadan and offer their prayers accordingly is still very high. And this is what many Pakistanians understand what Islam is.

In the Middle East, it is understood that, the major divisions among Muslim is due to different political succession to Mohammad. It is understood that, the U.S policy does not protect the people’s interests, other than protecting Israel superiority and oil. This general public understanding has been taken to mean Islamic fundamentalism. Even though the reason is not Islamic based, but when it turns violent, is then referred to as being radical Islamic fundamentalism, or in other words, Islamic terrorism. In real sense, people in the Middle East understand that, Muslim extremists’ background violates the norms of Islam justice; hence need to be held accountable for their behaviors that are characterized as criminal, however, U.S need not to be the hostages,( Hadia, 2005).

Islam Contrasts with Christianity and Judaism

On the point of ideology and theology, Islam just accepts that Jesus existed and was born by the virgin mother Mary. It teaches that Jesus was just like any other prophet same as following in the line of Adam. On the other hand, they take Mohamed to be the last messenger, who is superior to all other prophets who existed. On the other hand, Christians hold that, Jesus was the son of the Living God, hence equated to God. He is accepted as the second person ion the holy trinity, he through him, God came down in flesh.

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Muslims repute that Jesus was crucified. They state that, God saved him from that ingenious death, and took him latter up to Himself. To Christians, the death of Jesus is the root of their faith. Christians believes that, the ultimate price of reconciliation with God is through the ultimate price that was paid by Jesus, when he shed His blood on the cross. Without such significant act, the faith of Christianity remains hopeless. As matter of fact, for the cleansing of anything, the Christian law states that, blood has to be used. Without the shed of blood, there is no sin forgiveness.

The Quran is the source of truth, according to the Islam religion. They do believe that, the New Testament known as the Injil, was the original revelation of that Allah revealed to Jesus. It is held by Muslims that, the current Christians corrupted the original scriptures, as an effect, the current Bible, as an unreliable. Muslims say that, Mohamed’s message continued the original truth that was originally outlined in Injil, on top of that, they have corrected the errors that were added by Christians. On the other side, Christians hold that, both the New and the Old Testaments is the infallible word of God. The scriptures were inspired by God; this is the only truth and instruction source they have.

Lastly, Muslims never believe in the assurance of salvation. According to them, it was unnecessary for Jesus to pay for people’s sins. They hold that, every person has to bear his or her own cross or sins, punishing Jesus and making him much responsible for other people’s sin, is just being unjust. On the other hand, it is held by Christians that, by that time, man had no ability to bear his sins. Christians believe that, the hope and assistance that God provided when they were lost helplessly was the immeasurable gift God’s grace, which forms the only mean of getting salvation. It is said that, people were saved through faith, which is a gift from God, (Allaboutreligion, 2011).

The contrast between Islam and Judaism is not much distinctive. Though the two religions claim that, their father is Abraham, the Torah claims rightfully that Isaac is the blessed son of the promise made by God. It is stated by the Koran that, Ishmael is the son of the promise. The descendants of the two have since ever stayed in violence and conflict with one another. Though both Muslims and Judaism do follow the obligate advocates to life of work, Muslims on one side places their faith in Allah, while the Jews places their faith in God. The main distinction between them is that, Muslims believes that there is only one Allah, but there are no gods.

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On their side, the Jews place their faith in Yahweh, as there is no God. Muslim also holds that Mohammad’s prophet hood is true, while the Jews do not. Generally, those practicing Islam are called Muslims, which means that one who summits. On the other hand, Judaism centers on the ethics and principles that are found in the Hebrew Bible. Though Jews worldwide practice different forms of Judaism, they all have one core believe. They do believe in define revelation and the acceptance of oral Torah, or the Jews laws, (Neusner, & Sonn, 1999).

Muslim and Non-Muslim Relations and Communication

In the current world, Islam has been the main target, much criticized, condemned and ridiculed. The elites in the West have also joined the queue, without noticing the hollowness and the long-lasting side effects that are being implanted in the human attitude. Going with the progresses that have been attained in all fields; man need to have achieved the objective of peace and human development. Unfortunately wrong perceptions and priorities that have been misplaced are leading the entire humanity to disastrous moments. According to Muslims, time has come to look into the matter of relations between them and non-Muslims.

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Both religions need to recognize the respect and dignity of human beings. The Koran honors the descendants of Adam. The Koran in addition, accepts the aspects of race, geographical and national differences. However, it disowns that when used on the basis of mankind classification.  The Koran states that, all people were created out of a male and a female, and then made into tribes and nations, to ensure that people will come to know one another. The Koran talks of the three values underlined in inter-group relations and interactions, namely; equity, justice and kindness, (Mohamed, 2009).

Muslims believes in what was revealed to Moses and Jesus as well as to all other prophets sent by Allah, their need to be no distinction between them. Because of such strong bond, people need to show stronger relation towards each other. There need not be any form of argument with others, unless the argument is in the right direction. These interactions, has provided clear foundation for inter-faith communication, amongst Christians, Muslims and Jews. Christians and Muslims have scattered allover the world. As an effect, they are living as neighbors, even to an extent of sharing several culture characters, as well as languages. Further more, they are living under similar systems of politics. Though all these have happened, there are still some differences. Amongst religions in the world, Muslims are the only once accepting that Jesus was born of virgin in an immaculate way, then, what hinders there interactions, (Rafi, 2011).

Due to many complexities, there is no country that that is ruled in accordance with religious laws. Muslim has made it clear that, it is an obligation of any Muslim to respect non-Muslims. As an effect, Muslims also need to respected and understood by the non-Muslims. As an effect, Muslims leaving in non-Muslim dominated countries would like having better understanding of Christianity and Christian virtues. It is true that, Christianity does not imply to the Gospel records as the words of Jesus, but on what theologians decide upon. Such like cases also mean similar to other religions like Jews and Hindus, (Mohamed, 2009).

In concussion, different regions understand Islam differently. There are those who have clear perceptions of what Islam is and those who have misunderstood the religion completely. Islam contrasts with other religions like Christianity and Judaism in different ways. Such like contrasts have impacted the manner in which Muslims and Non-Muslims interact and communicate with each other.



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