Free Custom «Islam in the USA» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Islam in the USA» Essay Paper

Concerning this topic, there is a need to know what Islam is and who Muslims are. Islam is an old religion known over the world. Muslims believes that Islam that as any other religion, God revealed Islam to the prophets and it is a religion and complete way of life. Muslims are therefore people who believe in the Islamic Religion. It does not matter the race they belong to but as long as they believe in Islam religion, they are Muslims (The Islamic Bulletin)

History has it that after the Second World War, there was a room for Islam in the United States for as long as Islam adhered to the principles of the American Civil Religion. The wish of American Muslims became a fulfillment during the erection of a mosque minaret on the most beautiful sport of Washington. The Islamic center at Washington served a great purpose of spreading the Islam religion as a universal one and a way of life. It also became a culture, which was creative and humane. This was to help in providing every means of making Muslim followers, thus turning the world into Islam.

During the opening of the ceremony of the Islamic center at Washington, the main agenda was to make religion as a medium of mutual understanding and cooperation. From these, the American Muslims and those in support of Islam supported the establishment of the Establishment of the State of Israel. At the time when the Middle East nation began to become independent, there was an alteration of the Muslim religion in the United States. Though this appeared to sway Islam, many activities took place helping to maintain Islam religion in the United States.

In between this time, the Islamic missionaries had played a big role towards the spread of Islam in the United States. As well, the missionaries had introduced Islamic education. This was an important role because I led into the immigration of the foreign Muslim students. The arrival of foreign Muslims students in large numbers was also a great thing towards the American Islamic participation. The involvement of Islam in United States had a great increase during this time, and Islam become so intense.

A clear reason that led to the increase of the Islam religion in America is the Second World War. During the Second World War, many people from other European countries including the student fled to the United States. This is the time when many Muslim immigrated into the United States and increased the participation of Islamic religion. After the war, the American schools had increased their skills and further developed, thus encouraging more foreign students to the States. From this time to the 1960s, Muslim religion had increased and largely populated in the United States.

Even after he 1960s Muslim religion was still valued in America, this was like a revolution of in the Islam religion. The reason as that at this time America introduced a policy allowing immigrants from the Muslim countries. This continued intensifying the Islamic religion. From the early 80s up to early 90s there have been many Muslims migrating into the United States from the Ottoman Empire. More immigrants were from the south of Asia. These Muslims did not come up with distinct settlements. With this reason, they were absorbed into the American society. The Muslims who entered United States at this time faced some challenges as compared at the Muslims that come earlier.

At this time, the Muslims who had migrated to United States of America hoped to settle and exercise their religion even better. This was not the case because of the conflicts of the American Israeli. Apart from the challenge posted by the Israeli Protestants in the late 70s and early 80s, something critical affected the Islam religion in the United States. The Muslims began subdividing themselves to ethnic groups and nationality. Earlier on, the American Muslims interacted with other immigrant Muslims and took up the faith in accord. At this time, things were taking a different hand because of the different grouping of the Muslims. In these years, there were groupings such as the African American Muslims and the American Muslims. This did not change the religion but brought about division of the religion whereby different groups of Muslims practiced their religion in their respective ethnic groups.

With the ethnicity as a major challenge in the late 70s, there was still hope of prosperity of the Islam religion in the 1980s. The Iranian revolution energized them towards a major success. The American Muslim activist had successful organization at that moment. They then advocated for a Muslim reunion between the American Muslims and other Muslim from different parts of the world. This created a Muslim solidarity between the American diverse Muslim populations.

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This made it a great move to the Islam religion in the United States of America. The reason is that the American Muslims even decided to practice Islam more diligently and supported the movement of Islam within United States and other parts of the world. This Iranian movement proved to other Muslims that they had Devine justice at work. Although this was a great move in the Islamic religion, some nations had an opposition in it. In the history of Islam in the United States, Iranian revolution played a big role towards convincing many nations towards Islam.

The success of Islam religion in the United States was upon their works. On observing, there is evidence that the Muslims made great contribution towards education. They Muslim Missionaries did their best to spread the message of Islam within and without United States. This step created a great move towards the Islamic religion. At the time of the Iranian activists, we realize that their convincing power relied on their success of their organization. Through the power of wealth, they were in a better position to influence many nations towards the Islamic religion.

In the early 80s, there was still an increase in Islamic religion in the United States of America. Actually, before the cold war, United States was in support of the Islamic religion mainly because they had an interest of fighting the Soviet Union. In the years between 1980s and early 1990, Islam had an upper hand in the United States. Afterwards, that is after the late 90s United States began the fight against Islamic movement. United States had already begun this move in other countries. This move is the point where Islam religion begun to experience conflicts in the United States.

The part that the study has already covered explains more about the history of Islam in the United States. The remaining part of the study will cover the impact or the effect of the Muslims in the United States. From the time, Islam began in America there must be intensive impact to the United States, the impacts could be negative or positive. At this point, it will be significant to discuss some of these effects. There is no proper documentation of American Islam religion and contribution of Muslims but it is true that there is great contribution of Islam in the United States.

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Some of the issues that contributed to intense Islam religion to the United States were the modern day immigration, slavery and the black separation. Actually, this led to the adaptation and the assimilation, which later on created, created a unique religion that followed by greatest percentage of American citizens. Islam religion is very old in America, some factors that might have led to the increased level of Islamic religion in the United States was the issue of slave trade. This therefore means that Islam in the United States is as old as the days of the slave trade. Another issue that favored the increase of Islam is the fact that there was American Muslims. Besides this, Islam is a religion with high accord of unity. This meant that the American Muslims embraced the religion, accepted and protected the immigrants who practice Islam religion.

This kind of acceptance and protection regardless of the race encouraged many immigrants to the United States. After many people from different nation and of different races had migrated to the United States, they practiced the same religion of Islam. Besides the religious point of view, the same people had to earn a living to keep them going. This meant that they had to engage themselves in the daily activities that would earn them a living. They began looking for jobs and employment. As well, they engaged in business activities. Americans had an integration of the immigrants into their daily activities. Thereafter these people remained to be American citizens increasing the number of Muslims and the intense practice of Islam of Islam religion, (Sebian 2007).

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The other issue that intensified the Islamic religion in the United States is the including the Muslims and the Islamic policies in the government. This provided an upper hand of Islam religion to the nation leading to the launching of the greatest Islamic Mosque in Washington. The launching of the great Islam mosque in Washington provided the base for raising number of mosques in other places within the nation. Logically, the inclusion of Islamic leaders in constitutional affairs, would have promoted Islam religion.

On making observation on the contribution of Islam in the United States, one cannot rule out that Islam had no benefit to United States as a nation. In the field of education in the United States, Islamic missionaries played a big role. The Islamic missionaries diversified education with an intention of spreading the Islam religion. The Islamic schools made it possible for the Islamic communities to immigrate into the United States with a claim of coming to study. This is the time when many Islamic communities found their way to the United States. Some communities who were not Muslims and come into the United States with a sole purpose of receiving education, got assimilated overtime. This also acted upon the increase of Islam in the United States.

When considering the business field in the United States, many organizations come up because of the Islam unity. The unity that was there between the Muslims from different ethnic groups because of the religion made it possible for them to prosper in business activities. The prosperity in business activities enhanced greater settlement of the Muslims in the United States. This is because the flourishing of the business activities created the stability and possibility of comfort. Looking at this factor and from the nature of Islam religion there is no doubt that there would be support for other Muslims to settle in the United States. The truth is that Muslims are very generous especially to their fellow Muslims. They would not have stopped stretching their hand to aid their fellow Muslims. Apart from the generosity, Muslims are very protective to their fellow Muslims regardless of their tribal lines or race. They dedicate more to the religion than to tribe and the race. This therefore made it possible for Muslims from different ethnicity and race to practice the religion. With the case of Muslims being protective, the Islam leaders would do their best to protect the interest of the Muslims in regardless of their race and ethnicity. This worked to the advantage of the Muslim Immigrants to the United States.

Islam as a religion in the United States of America Is not something that one can easy decline. Later on even with opposition of Islam after the cold war, Islam went strong because of some factors that had already laid foundation in the Islam religion in the United States. Sometime later following the issue of racial discrimination and restriction of immigrants into the United States, with other challenging factors, there was a decrease in the practice of Islam in the United States. This did not mean that Islam in the united states come to decline. I the statistic of the Islam religion and Muslim population in the United States it is true that highest percentage of percentage of Islam religion and Muslims are the American Citizens, (Islam: Crime and Interfaith Reconciliation, 2007).

From the study, one can realize that the Islam religion in the United States had great impact to the citizens. This had already led a greater percentage of American citizens to participate in the Islam religion. The effect of education and other participation by the Islamic leaders was a great move towards the spread of Islam religion. The same Islamic leaders protected the interest of the Muslim students leading to the rise of immigrants. All this factors were a major cause to the increase of Islam in the United States.

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In the present day United States of America, the practice of Islam religion is still there. It would be very hard to do away with Islam religion after all the contribution in the United States. With or without any major contribution of Islam in the United States, the religion would still be there because of it is strongly rooted there since the time of slave trade. This means that Islam has a great establishment in the United States.



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