Free Custom «Instant Worldview» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Instant Worldview» Essay Paper

1) The ultimate reality.

The ultimate reality in Christianity is that there is a personal God who exists in three forms God the father, God the Holy Spirit and God the son. God is omniscient, has no beginning or end, and is the source of everything in the universe. God orders everything in the universe is to happen according to his divine plan: a plan so grand that the humans cannot comprehend it in totality. (Patheous, 2011)

2) Nature of cosmos

God and functions according to his plan created everything in the cosmos. The cosmos has the heaven and earth. The cosmos is temporary, its nature will change in the future where after the Day of Judgment, a new heaven, and a new earth will be ushered so cosmos will be transformed from its current form to another form (Patheous, 2011).

3) How to tell the truth

It is possible to tell the truth by testing everything to evaluate whether they are from God by evaluating whether their words concur with what is written in the scriptures if they are disagreement with the bible then they are true (Patheous,2011).

4) What are Human Beings?

Human beings are divine beings created in Gods image created in perfect and good in creation but fallen from this initial perfect good state through sin. Humans have a body that dies and a soul the body is that is sinful in nature (Patheous, 2011).

5) Destiny of human beings

Human beings are created to please god and do his will. The body is

Sinful and destined for the earth after physical death but the soul is destined either heaven or hell according to how a person has lived in this earth (Patheous, 2011).

6) Source of ethics

The basis of all ethics goes back to God, as it is not possible to separate what is good from pleasing God. Gods is therefore the one who defines moral values (Patheous, 2011).

7) What is history?

History refers to the revelation of God in history that defines the character and the dynamism of Christianity faith because it gives the central facts and principles of the Christian faith (Patheous, 2011).

8) Core commitments

The core commitments of Christianity are doing the will of God in everything that they do: to believe in God and to observe his commandments (Patheous, 2011).



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