Free Custom «Indigenous Religious Studies» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Indigenous Religious Studies» Essay Paper

The studies of indigenous religions have been entrenched more in major advanced curriculum in the recent past than in the past. The reasons behind this particular trend are not particularly hard to discern. First, the connection between the study of indigenous study and the field of anthropology are intertwined. This demonstrates that to understand the social structure of man in the past, it is not only beneficial but also relevant to dig deeper into man’s religious beliefs. The study of man’s indigenous religious beliefs therefore serves as a rich source in understanding the past of man, his social, political and economic activities. The desire by the present anthropologists to dig deeper into the past of man has therefore translated to the modern study of the indigenous religions.

Secondly, lack of accurate literature and research works on man’s indigenous religion has created the thirst to find out more about the truth. The general aim of this study is therefore to accurately present the socio historical circumstances of man – something that has been missing in the recent past. Research works and articles offering accurate information on the indigenous beliefs have always been lacking due to the inaccurate reporting of early missionaries and explorers. The aims of such inaccurate documentation were to portray the indigenous beliefs as out of place with the socially developing world and view the same as misplaced and wrong.

The resurgence of interest in native religions has been precipitated by the ever expanding role of religion in the present society. According to Platvoet, Cox and Olupona (1996), “The cumulative effort of researchers and writers finally led to the emergence of native traditional religion as a full-fledged academic discipline about four decades ago.” This is in view of the fact that there is no part of the world that lacks the aspect of religion as a entrenched social part and parcel of life of man. Our world is therefore influenced by religion to a greater extent and as such there is need to search for more on religious studies.


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