Free Custom «Hinduism and Its Features» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Hinduism and Its Features» Essay Paper

Unlike Christianity, Hinduism is considered not a religion, but a lifestyle that was developed through a series of different beliefs and traditions that have a certain commonality put together to come up with a certain philosophy. It is not centralized on the belief of only one spiritualist or controlled by certain organizations but thoroughly independent. During the ancient times, the word “Hinduism” was mostly used by the foreigners as a way to differentiate the diverse set of belief and traditions present in India. In India Hinduism is considered as “Santana dharma” which means everlasting religion. (Jayaram, 2010)

Hinduism respects the differences in thoughts in societies and avails varying sorts of information depending on the ambitions and preferences. Within Hinduism are numerous sovereign customs among them are Shaktism, Smarthism, Saivism and Vaishnavism and so on. Some of these traditions can independently be called religions. Though separate, these traditions also have features linked to the beliefs of Hindus. (Jayaram, 2010)

Hinduism has lots of Features that separate it from other world religions among them are: Firstly, it has one of the largest numbers of different living gods and goddesses worshipped under one religion in the whole world .A god that is considered absolute in one tradition may not be regarded highly in a different tradition. Followers of Hinduism have the absolute respect for their fellow believers, who believe in a different tradition of the same religion. This is due to the fact that they are allowed to choose what to believe in. (Jayaram, 2010).

Among the early religions, Hinduism is secondly considered to be the largest and also one of the oldest religions to ever come into existence. This is mostly attributed to conquest and expeditions headed by Indian Rulers from the South .during the ancient times; the spread of Hinduism was minimal with Buddhism spreading its wings far and wide. Today, Hinduism has spread peacefully through migration and teachings by spiritual leaders. (Jayaram, 2010)

Thirdly, Hinduism has a lot of similarities with other religions such as Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. Furthermore, most newly established religions in USA have been inspired by Hinduism. Moreover Hinduism is one of the few religions that have survived its brush with Christianity and Islam. Lastly, Hinduism has a lot of inconsistency whereby: one person may believe in the resurrection of Christ while the other thoroughly disregarding it. One may also conduct all the ceremonies, rituals and sacrifices while others having no respect for it: yet all these are considered as Hindus. If one is born in a Hindu family, he automatically becomes a Hindu. An atheist is also a Hindu as long as he does not confess to being non Hindu, Christian or from other religions. (Jayaram, 2010)

Though coupled with loads of contradictions, Hinduism has over the year been able to maintain its basic principles, its core beliefs and has not lost its time appeal thus making it among the most sought out religions in the world



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