Free Custom «Gods Promise» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Gods Promise» Essay Paper

In the early years God manifested himself in prophets, through them he gave his people hope of what would happen in latter years. The main vision was the coming of the messiah or the son of God, he would redeem the sins of man through his own blood and this would wash of the sins of those who believe in him. In this easy various prophesies will be discussed and their subsequent fulfillment as accomplished by the son of God.

Isaiah is one of the major prophets that prophesies about Christ’s, in his prophesy he tells us how God will come to us in a human form and he will be called wonderful councilor, mighty god, everlasting father and the prince of peace. He also fore told that the messiah will rule on David’s throne and over his kingdom this shows that Jesus was a decedent of King David. The bible explains God as a trinity where by he exists in three, God the father, God the son and God the holly spirit. This can also be understood that God come to earth to personally clean the sins of man.

The prophesies of Isaiah tell of the coming of Jesus in the manner of pure holiness, he foretells that Jesus was born of a virgin named Mary due to get married to Joseph the carpenter. He calls him Immanuel. Joseph is from a noble house as he hails from the house of David who was chosen by God as a king of Israel. Isaiah also says that from the remnants of Judah, this house had descendants like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is explained by Matthew in the New Testament where the complete linage is given.

The prophet Micah prophesies about the birth place of Jesus, Bethlehem which were small clan among the clans of Judah and this brought hope to this small tribes with the vision that a king will be born among them an he will become the ruler of all over Israel. Isaiah also supports this prophesy where he tells the people that in the land of shadow of death a light will dawn, in his words he says that the people walking in darkness have seen a great light. Matthew shows the fulfillments of this prophesy in the New Testament where he shows that Jesus was born in Judea in a small town of Bethlehem during the reign of King Herod.

The prophet Jeremiah fore sees that the birth of the messiah will cause a mass murder of infant baby boys with the attempts of King Herod to stop that prophesy of a king being born. He fore tells the cries of the mothers of the infants below two years when the king ordered their execution. Matthew tells of this carnage as a way of justifying jeremiahs prophesy. Mary and Joseph had already escaped to Egypt where they exiled until Jesus was older. This is a good example of how the will of God can not be bent, his word is final. This prophesies was through prophet Hosea who prophesied about the return of Jesus from Egypt soon after the death of King Herod.

The mission of the coming of Jesus Christ was0to save men from sins and this also included the gentiles, gentiles is a group of non believers that are not willing to listen to the word or teachings of Jesus Christ. Believers normally believed that if Jesus had come as the son of God he should not mingle with the sinners. Isaiah prophesies that Jesus Christ will come to bring light to the gentiles, lead them to righteousness. Matthew tells about how Jesus mingled with non believers such that the believers could not believe he was the son of God. The biblical version of the word gentiles means nations of none believers, Jesus teaching emphasized on the need to bring the lost people closer to God as they were the once that needed him more.

Through out the ministry of Jesus he performed miracles, the prophet Isaiah had prophesied about the miraculous healings of Jesus and Isaiah tells his people the messiah will give back sight to those that don’t see and the deaf will hear, those that are lame will limp like a deer and those tongue tied will shout for joy. The gospel of Luke tales about the various miracles earlier prophesied that come true that included raising people from the dead. The teachings of Jesus in form of miracles helped convert others and aid this stand as the son of God. According to the prophet Isaiah, the messiah will deliver men from spiritual captivity, Luke tells of the man possessed with demons and how he removed them and told them to go into the pigs grazing near by, the demons latter drowned the pigs and the owners become very angry, this is Gods way of showing that one mans life is worth more than any number of other animals.

The Old Testament through Isaiah also speaks about how the messiah would be hated and despised by men; those who hated him had no cause of justification. They found his teaching to go against the Old Testament and when they asked him he gave those answers beyond their doubt and they still found it easy to hate him. Rulers hated him according to the gospel of john because they thought he was an earthly ruler, they thought he had come to take over their kingdom. Mothers and brothers were to reject and in this context this are his cousins and they thought he was mad.

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The Old Testament prophesies how the savior was going to be betrayed by one of his men and sold for thirty pieces of silver. This is in the book of Zechariah and the book of Matthew in the New Testament shows how Jesus was sold by Judas for the said thirty pieces of silver. The book of Zechariah also shows how those who claim to be close to Jesus would scatter like sheep around a shepherd. This prophesy come true when the disciples of Jesus scattered him when he was arrested and some like Simon peter denied him three times.

The Old Testament prophets and other Christians usually gave God sacrifices as a way to please God for their wrong doing and also when asking for help, when the messiah come, he come to wash away mans sins such that such offerings were no longer necessary. This was earlier viewed as a deviation from the Old Testament teachings. John stipulates that God loved the world so much that he gave his only son that who ever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. The need to sacrifice for God replaced through the ultimate sacrifice of his only son.

Micah prophesy how the roman guards would treat the messiah come true as per marks narration in the new testament of how people mocked Jesus Christ by sticking him on the head with a staff spitting on him then throwing themselves to their knees to worship his because he had said he was the son of God. They asked him why he was no being helped by his father if he claimed to be his son. The book of Romans in the Old Testament and that of psalm and the prophet Isaiah talk about Jesus suffering for the sins of others, it is written that he was delivered over to die for mans sins and was resurrected for mans justification. The same talk of how Jesus clothes were gambled for by the guards as they divided up his cloths by casting lots.

The brutal killing of Jesus together with the thieves he was killed with was foretold by Isaiah and the tomb in which the son of God was buried in was shared by the wicked people of the society, this prophesy of Jesus raising from the dead on the third day come true to signify that indeed Jesus was the son of God. This was the climax of Jesus Christ life and this is where he declared the sins of man forgiven and man had been given a new beginning, he then promised to come again collect those believers that have repented their sins. This is also the way God fulfilled the old testaments teachings and prophesies through Jesus Christ and also giving hope the believers.



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