Free Custom «God?s Promise» Essay Paper

Free Custom «God?s Promise» Essay Paper

The return of Jesus Christ from heaven is divinely predestined event. God's plan for the world and everyone shall be brought to its principal culmination. Giving added weight to the Lord’s own declarations of his pledged come back, the personal come back is regurgitated in particular provisions by two of God’s holy angels instantaneously after the Lord's ascension: "all the people of Galilee, why stand staring up into heaven? Jesus, who is taken up from earth into heaven, shall come in the similar manner that they witnessed him ascending to heaven.

The primary duty the disciple asked Jesus was if he could restore the nation of Israel. It is clear from their question, Jews as the fore fathers of Christianity; they had information that Jesus was thought to establish a kingdom on earth for the Israelites. However, the Israelites did not have the knowledge that Christ was to ascend to Heaven, and the consequent time of the Church. Its only prophets such as, Isaiah (53) and Daniel (9:26) talked of the Messiah’s kingdom as anticipated.

It is being said by the prophets that God is come, and the first prophet was Isaiah who promised his coming, he said that this would lead to a second exodus as he will walk through the wilds again (Is 40). The scripture go ahead to show that it is not only God that will come but be fore him the coming of Jesus is shown. In this case, Jesus referred to as the Servant of the Lord: he is given several characteristic such as a King like David but wiser and holy than Solomon, a prophet like Moses, but greater, a priest frees of the sinfulness of the world and he is from the line of Aaron.

The Bible shows how god has a plan of salvation and how he will liberate the world from sin and death. The Bible as a holy book begins with a record of Creation, and how death and sin ascend into the earth at the end, the bible describes the culmination of God's glorious plan; all this plans are still to come.

The coming of Jesus has been given names from the end of the world, the apocalypse the bible give it a memorable view calling it the second coming of the lord Jesus Christ. Christian live in hope to see this day, the day the righteous shall join son of god in heaven and shall live forever and ever. This promise comes with judgment, that, those who did not live according to God’s expectations shall be sent to hell. It is said that, they will burn in an eternal fire as a punishment for their sins.

A pleasant voice is heard from the skies, saying that the covenant between god and man is sacred and blessed. This is the covenant that god had made with his people that he shall come to earth and stay with his people. They shall be citizens of his nation, he shall wipe all their cries god the supreme of all shall conquer death for it shall befall mankind no more. The voice further says that there shall be no pain, sorrow or crying for he shall defeat them. (Revelation 21:3, 4)

Jesus is the link between mankind and the promised glorious land in heaven. Through Jesus Christ, god is set to accomplish all his plans of salvation and mercy to mankind and all creatures of the world. Jesus is the only way through which God takes His will of mercy and salvation. The Old Testament talked about Jesus as part of that story God's Grand Plan of Redemption. This prophesies were told to the people long before Jesus’ birth all this shows god’s main plan of saving the world.

Lots of Christian believers, imply that it is narcissism to watch for the return of Christ, and the consequent day of god. Jesus gave a further description of the day saying that it will transpire like a bandit coming in the nighttime. Many bible scholars have come up with several ideas of how the world will come to an end. Some suggest that there will be a third world war before the last day. Some say that the son of god Jesus Christ will rule for thousands of years before the Day of Judgment. He will assemble on the throne of David in Jerusalem and will decree in peace on Earth. After the end, of his reign, Lucifer will be set free hottest all those on earth those who will survive the test will face judgment from god himself. Those who will fail shall join Lucifer to the lake of eternal fire in hell. The righteous believers shall rise to heaven to be with god their farther forever and ever.

Possibly the most significant part of Peter’s explanation of that day is his query probably the noteworthy element of Peter’s clarification of that date is his doubt in verses 11-12: “as all will be shattered in this manner, what sorts of people have to? You have to be in this humanity holy and godly life as you look frontward to the day of God and pace its coming.” For Christians, this shows that they should live their lives in such a manner that they replicate their thoughtful of what is going to occur (Benson 2010). This life is passing speedily, while the Christians attention should be revolving around the next world to come. Their “holy and godly” lives should be evidence to those who do not know the Savior, and they should be teaching others about Him. This will help them getaway from the awful doom that expects those who decline Him. They should wait eagerly in expectation for God’s “Son from heaven.

The coming of Christ is considered as the end of the world according to many christens in Christian believe. Jesus the son of god shall return as a thief in the night and the most notable thing is that the Christians should keep watch of this day so that they are not caught unaware. The other thing is that they maintain Christian believe and moral through out the trials of Lucifer who will be set free to test their faith in Jesus the son of god. The only way to survive will be to bear the sing of the evil on that is Lucifer according to Christians. No one shall buy or sell if the person does not bear the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast in this case is the number triples six as explained in the Christian holy book the bible.

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These days shall be marked with prominent terror that any normal human being shall be scared. The sings of this day are elaborated in the bible in depth that only those who believe in god and are ready at that time can escapee to torment the Armageddon will bring. The non-fulfillment of predictions provided to familiarize the techniques of apocalyptic in contrast with the non-fulfillment of the beginning of the Messianic kingdom. Thus, even if Jeremiah had assured that later than seventy years Israel must be reinstated to their own soil, and then take pleasure in the sanctions this was under the rule of Messianic, in the Ma sonic kingdom, this time conceded by and things stayed the same. Some deem that the era of the Messianic sovereignty was not essentially forecast to arise after 70 years of Babylon had come to pass, but at some indefinite time in the future. The only thing for sure that was foretold is the come back of the Jews to their soil, which took place when Cyrus the Persian subjugated.

Such belief as those of Yahweh and the fresh heavens and a fresh earth were re-written by the Jewish community with bright gradation in orthodoxy with their new situations. The development of apocalypse in the Jewish community developed due to their experiences. Most of the Jewish prophesied, that are found in their scripture are yet to be fulfilled.

Present-day use of the term End Times has changed from the use around a crowd of unembellished way of life in Christian millennialism. These values characteristically comprise the thoughts that the Biblical Judgment Day is coming up. It further states that, a variety of cryptograms in contemporary proceedings are omens of a peak to world narration, branded as the scuffle of Armageddon. These viewpoints have been extensively seized in one structure, by the Adventist society (Millerites), by Jehovah's Witnesses, and in dispensational premillennialists.

The world as we know it, it will come to an end either through the way the Christians tend to think or through the scientific ways (Charles 2005). For Christians, it is necessary to be line with the laws of god and be righteous to avoid the trials and tribulation during the end of time. Every Christian should fuel his or her lantern during the wedding to avoid being caught off guard. Therefore, it is extremely crucial that we should be prepared at all times.



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