Free Custom «Engaging Scripture Mark 7:24-30» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Engaging Scripture Mark 7:24-30» Essay Paper

The story in Mark 7:24-30 revolves around the life of Jesus Christ during the times when he encountered interfaith meetings. This encounter takes place at Tyre, in the southern part of Lebanon. Historically, this is the place where many wars and bad encounters have taken place between the Jews, Christians and Muslims. When Jesus was walking in this region, he was quite aware about the developments of his journey because there was not only political tension but also religious tension in the region.

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The purpose of this passage seems to be clearly spiritual. One of the key aspects that Jesus tries to demonstrate is his expansive ministry, which he also intended to take to the Gentiles. Other people may consider this as an act by Jesus to test the faith of the woman. But one thing is clear from the scriptures that Jesus was out to defend his Christian religion even among the Gentiles. The passage clearly indicates how Jesus went from the region of Galilee where he was famous, to the region of Syria where he was infamous. His healing powers of healing had gone far and wide to this end though, since the woman in the passage, whose daughter has been attacked by the evil spirit, was willing to meet Jesus so as to heal her daghter. She did not care about the differences which existed between the Gentiles and his religion, but went ahead to meet this man.

There are several issues that come up from this passage. One is that Jesus tests man’s humility so as to determine his or her stand in Christianity. The use of an offensive voice on the woman implies that that Jesus was testing her humility. This passage reminds the Christians that every man’s faith shall be tested so as to determine whether we depend on our God or ourselves. The important fact that Jesus tries to demonstrate is whether we will be able to trust God for our own salvation and stand up to stand on our day of judgment. The other important factor of great importance from this gospel is the importance of humility, which is described in the bible that we need to humble ourselves so that we can be exalted. Before God exalts a man, He humbles him. This is exactly what takes place in this passage. The woman, having known Jesus to be testing her humility, bent low and her daughter was healed.

We also learn from this passage that those who do not humble themselves always stand to be humiliated. The saying that the man, who bents lowestt in God’s presence stands upright in the presence of sin, is right here. Jesus commends from the gospel that the women came to Him, put all her faith in Him, looked up on Him i.e. she begged and fell on His knees, she acknowledged her need, told the truth about herself and she was willing to seek crumbs of MERCY from Him. This humble nature of the woman indicates that we all need to humble ourselves even if it means being humiliated, so that we can receive what we require from the Lord.    

We finally learn from this passage that we all need to love one another regardless of the faith and religions that we belong to. We need to keep the commandment that we love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We should not consider masters or above others and we need to learn from the actions of Jesus, as our own follower. As Christians, we need to reconsider our approach to Muslims and exercise love and care towards them. We are all compelled to live in partnership and be co-witnesses to the many miracles that Jesus did when he was on earth. We need to appreciate the miracles of Jesus and consider it as the Lord’s doing. We need to thank the Lord always for what he does in our lives. 


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