Discussion Post Religion and Politics

Free Essay Sample «Discussion Post Religion and Politics»

According to Lambert, religious politics is the political organization in the religious associations and their involvement in the political arena. Religion plays an extremely crucial role in politics and affects the political organizations of every country. Although the media coverage of religious politics had become increasingly insignificant as they preferred other theories, it has faced a turnaround where the coverage has improved tremendously. The improvement came as results of the rising controversies that have been evident in many religious organizations. Most important, the media have come to the front line in informing the public of the important dynamics in the religious politics. Clearly, the media have been exaggerating religious role in the political field. Evidently, through media coverage of religious politics, its dynamics of has clearly come out.

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Media coverage of religious politics has been on a growing trend in the recent years. According to research conducted by the pew research center’s project for excellence in journalism, the growth of religious politics coverage doubled during year 2010 (Larson, 2010). Fowler, Hertzke, and Olson (2010), argue that the coincidence of religious events in the United States with various story lines at the same time, accounts for the growth of coverage of religious politics. The resident and religious leaders such as pope are the biggest news-makers currently. This indicates that the media coverage on religious news has been well beyond the average. Media personalities have also developed a keen interest on religious activities due to the rising controversies involved with religious houses as well as leaders. Likewise, the current coverage of religious activities was triggered by the events that led to September 11th attack, which was believed to be instigated by religious groups. Since that time, religious news has been making headlines in a number of media houses, in America.

The media have been in the front line of informing the public the most influential dynamics in religious politics. Many people have developed a passion for religious dynamics; as a result, it has featured in the media coverage. Most of the activities and information pertaining governance of the religious bodies appears to the public through media houses. Evidently, most of the religious organizations have developed their own religious media houses recently. Religious organizations have developed such avenues so that they will be able to teach the public and influence them to understand dynamics of religion. This shows that media houses have become the best path to pass information to the members of the public. In United States, dynamics of ppopular religion has become popular with the public courtesy of media.

In America, the media have exaggerated the role of religion in politics. Religion plays a pivotal role in the political scene of every country. In America, current controversies involving religion has made the media concentrate on the religion. Religion has become an agent of change in the political arena, whereby it has been able to achieve this through participation of media in informing the public. Most of political issues intertwine with religion and, as a result, they have become the best choice of the media personalities. Evidently, media houses have started taking the time to analyze religious activities and politics for instance; many journalists nowadays, focus on getting information on Islamic countries and investigating their involvement in American politics. The fact that most journalist tend to lay more emphasis on minor details on the issues that interlink political field and religion can be termed as exaggeration.

In conclusion, it is evident that there has been increasing media coverage of religious politics in America. Similarly, journalists have taken an active role creating public awareness on crucial dynamics of religious politics. Finally, media have not only brought out the role of religion in politics, but it has exaggerated the issue.

Free Essay Sample «Discussion Post Religion and Politics»


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