Free Custom «Daoism» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Daoism» Essay Paper

Daoism is considered to be amongst the main prehistoric sacred principles in the world’s most populous country (China). They (the principles) are believed by well-known scholars to have been pioneered in 1st AD. Daoism is understood to have been founded concurrently with a major ancient empire. This empire is named as Mesopotamia. It is also understood to be established prior to the formation of major empires in Continent Europe. These include Greek, and Roman Empires. Throughout the 1st century, the Chinese used to adopt novel practices after the occurrence of a natural phenomenon. Daoism practices subsequently served as basic rules for governing the manner in which people related with one another, and also dictated the kind of activities to partake in.

The principles entrenched within Daoism portray an in-depth analysis of mankind ambitions in two main ways. One is through a balance of pragmatism. The second one is spiritualism. Notably, these principles constitute critical facets of conventional civilizations of China sub-continent. Some Chinese argue that if any person desires to comprehend extremely the history and culture of China sub-continent, then he-or she ought to discern Taoism. In this essay, I argue that “Daoism is the most ideal religion for a happy and healthy society” (Yie’e, 2006).

Why Daoism is the Most Ideal Religion of a Happy and Healthy Society

There are many reasons as to why I consider Daoism to be the most ideal religion of a happy and healthy society. One, It has well been documented by well-known scholars that Daoism principles are more humanistic. This implies that they address the various facets that affect human beings in one way or the other in a more humane way. The majority of the religions in the world do center these facets on scores of gods. Furthermore, these religions for instance, Christianity and Islam centre on explaining the manner in which mankind and the gods mingle with one another. However, this religion (Daoism) requires its followers to comprehend extremely well the net effect of these gods on human beings. Additionally, in contrast to major religions, Daoism requires its followers not to dwell so much on the nature of these gods.

The dominant religions across the globe usually stress on the importance of its followers to do what is right before God. They usually dictate what our creator desires to be done and not what we desire to be done. However, Daoism stresses on the need for its followers to relate well and to do in accordance with what the gods dictate to them. This has an impact of making the society to be not only happier, but also healthy.

Two, it has well been documented by well known researchers that the fundamental outlook of Daoism to religion is principled naturally. It is also philosophical. This means that Daoism emphasizes on the need for its followers to strive in order to a lead a meaningful life. It also emphasizes on the manner of coming up with a cohesive civilization, and a properly composed system of government. A cohesive civilization and a properly composed government make the followers to turn out to be happier. The followers are usually gripped with fear if the gods hamper with efforts that leads to a happier life. The followers of this religion believe in the notion of multiple heavens. They also believe in life after death. The latter belief is deemed to be an inferior contemplation. Nonetheless, all of them are aimed at promoting happiness within a civilization.

Three, from time immemorial, Taoism has been concerned with how best to improve the well-being of the society. It stresses on the need for its followers to endeavor so as to turn out to be productive within a particular society. An individual who is referred to as “realized individual” is required by this religion to be kind to people of all walks of life. He-or she is in addition required to act morally. As a consequence, this person shall turn out to be immortal. This implies that he-or she shall not pass on. Also, this person shall be bestowed with super-natural powers. These powers will be utilized in rendering help to living-beings. Therefore, owing to these state-of-affairs, it is apparent that Daoism is the practical religion for a happier society.

Four, it has well been documented by well known researchers that Daoism principles stresses on the importance of human beings to coexist peacefully. Owing to this, human beings feel contended and able to lead a stress free life. This facilitates proper functioning of planet earth. The proper working of planet earth implies ‘Dao’. This term also refers to “the energy which is responsible for the occurrence of a number of natural occurrences.” Due to the fact that Dao enables the globe to function well, it promotes a healthy society.

Five, faithful of this religion worship inside a place of worship which is termed as “Daoist temple.” These temples are characterized by the presence of seers. Also, they are typified by an assortment of modes of prediction. One of the modes is a book which is generally referred to as the ‘Yi Jing’. This book enlightens the state of affairs that a particular person finds him-herself. It elaborates the manner in which a person in the society may possibly shun disaster. It also explains how one can excel in a particular undertaking within the society. Thus, it is crystal clear that this religion through ‘Yi Jing’ makes the society to remain happier all through (Yie’e, 2006).

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Finally, this religion strongly discourages criminal activities. These include robbery, homicide, and more. Followers are also required not to engage in irresponsible sexual behaviors. These include homosexuality, adultery, incest and more. The leaders of the religion usually advice faithful to engage in those activities which are not likely to cause harm to fellow human beings. Taoism principles dictate that those individuals who do well shall live longer. In contrast, those who commit crimes shall be severely be punished through death. All followers are also required to respect one another irrespective of age, sex, race, and more. All these virtues have a net effect of making the society to be both happier, and healthy (Barman, 2007).

I consider Daoism religion to be the most ideal religion for a happier and health society. This is due to the fact that it encourages its followers to relate well. People who do not commit sin while in planet earth are guaranteed eternal life, and that the living dead shall assist the living with their various needs. Also, Daoism encourages people to coexist peacefully, and explains how a person can excel in a particular field. Therefore it is essential major religions of the world, for instance, Christianity and Islam to consider it wise to incorporate all or some o the Daoism principles. I attribute this to the fact that these principles can contribute significantly to a happier and healthy society.



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