Free Custom «Dao of the Dao» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Dao of the Dao» Essay Paper

Dao De Jing is one of the teachings of Daoism applied in the Chinese culture. The Dao De Jing contains eighty-one chapters of teachings that are highly recognized by philosophical and religion scholars as constituents of Daoism teachings of China. According to Daoism, people are expected to live in harmony with everything that surrounds them. The eighty-one chapters present an intensive teaching about the way human beings should relate to the things existing in nature. A clear interpretation of these chapters will lead to intensive understanding of Daoism. In this case, chapter forty, chapter forty-seven and chapter fifty-nine give a clear overview of the Dao De Jing text used in Daoism teaching.


It is one of the shortest chapters among the Dao De Jing teachings, which tries to teach the reader the simplest movement of Daoism. People are expected to move swiftly and keenly, ensured that they are extremely peaceful towards one another. For example, in the chapter it states that “Reversal is Tao’s movement, yielding is Tao’s practice.” In this case, it means that it is better to do the unaccepted and be humble in case of any danger. The chapter proves that fighting is not the only option to solve a problem; sometimes a better way is to be humble and let another person win.

It is worth noting that there is a lot of imagery and metaphors in this chapter. In almost all the lines, it is either a metaphor or imagery. For instance, when the author writes, “Reversal is Tao’s movement”, the readers can imagine this picture that proclaims shunning away from all evil in their minds. Another line has one more metaphor, “yielding is Tao’s practice”, which shows that Daoism is a peaceful religion practicing peace and opposing violence.

Chapter 47

In this chapter, the followers of Daoism are taught to embrace nature. Additionally, it is explained that everything that surrounds people is a learning experience for everybody. According to Dao De Jing, people are expected to learn from what is around them. In this chapter, Dao De Jing text explains that a person can learn even more by just staying indoors  compared to a person, who travels all over the world. Moreover, this chapter explains how a person can learn a lot from the surrounding things.

One of the teachings in this chapter proves that a person should learn how to make something out of nothing. One of the lines in this chapter says, “Without going out of the door”, meaning that a person can learn a lot from the things that are just inside the house without even going out. For this reason, people should concentrate on using what they have rather than on what they do not. In this case, it will help them pull through in a nasty situation if they tend to concentrate more on using what they have. 

In addition, in this chapter people are taught that one can go around the world and learn nothing. On the other hand, a person can stay inside the house “without peeping through the window” and learn more. In this case, a person who is inside the house can learn even more with tables and chairs than a person who travels a lot. The mentioned teaching is written in the chapter in such a way, “The further you travel the less you know.”

Finally, in this chapter there is a lot of imagery, used to visualize the meaning of the Daoism teaching. The first imagery is present in the first sentences of the chapter: “Without going out of the door, know the world.” In this case, these teachings explain that people can visualize and understand the world without going out and traveling away.

Chapter 59

The chapter teaches to stay alive as long as possible and live beyond one’s limit. For instance, it is written that “there is nothing that cannot be overcome, there is no limit.” In this situation, the readers are told that they can reach for more than they think. Therefore, they are taught to push themselves to achieve all theirs plans and dreams. The only thing people are asked is to concentrate more on what they always wanted to get more than they could imagine.

Moreover, this chapter is educating people to vision and see far beyond themselves. People are taught to be always ready for the future. However, it is explained further that they can only be ready for the future if they can vision and see what is going to happen on their  way at all times. Therefore, it is written, “this is that Tao of living and seeing far.” It is believed that if people are able to follow this teaching, they will live a long life full of peace.


The chapters of Dao De Jing clearly show that Daoism is a religion of peace. Additionally, Daoism teaches people to embrace nature and use it wisely and only with good intentions. For instance, in chapter forty, people are told to be peaceful instead of fighting. In chapter forty-seven, people are educated that they can use the things surrounding them without having to travel around the world. In chapter fifty-nine, people are told that there is nothing impossible and that they can get whatever they want, if there is enough will and desire.



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