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Church Experience

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It was one Sunday morning I attended a church services in a nearby church. The services was as usual and the congregation took their seats before the evangelist arrived, I arrived earlier than usual and occupied the front seat, where I was able to observe everything that was going to take place at the altar.

From my seat I was very keen in what was happening from the start of the service until the end of the service. Having the ‘mind of water” I follow every single process, what the clergy does and how the congregation respond to the actions of the clergy. When the services commences, the clergy used some symbolic signs and the congregation responded. When it was time for the scripture reading, one member from the congregation stood and moved in front. Near the alter the person performed some symbolic signs before proceeding to the altar,  on arriving the person read the scripture from a certain book much larger than the Bible but the readings were the same as those of the Bible. During the sermon time the clergy used symbolic words relating to the daily life situation. As the sermon was ongoing I observed the congregation and realized that some of them were deep asleep, others consulting one another, and others concentrating.

I monitored the flow of the service and realized much more that I have ever realized do take place in churches. The symbolic signs performed in the church were unique to me and it made me understand more that I was not aware of that do take place in church services. The participation of the congregation in the services made me learn more about the church participation. The poetic activity of observing and sense made me understand more from the service, by understanding the activities by just observing and not judging.

Buy custom Church Experience essay paper cheap

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