Free Custom «Christianity in a Postmodern World» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Christianity in a Postmodern World» Essay Paper

Postmodernism refers to the fact that there exists no truth. The postmodernists believe that there is no absolute truth; no one has the right to impose on others what is right or what is wrong. Postmodernism does not agree with certain huge classifications for example, masculinity versus femininity, straight versus gay among others. Christianity has suffered great effects as a result of the postmodernism culture. This is especially so in terms of morality and immorality. Christianity cannot seclude itself from the ongoing changes in the world each and every other day. As such, it is subject to postmodernism. Whether one chooses to follow postmodernism or Christianity is a completely personal decision. Looking at what the two cultures entail will help the reader understand the importance of individually making that choice. Unless one understands the details of each culture, it would be difficult to make the rightful choice out of the blue.

This is especially so with the upcoming generation X. they no traditional values and believe too much in going as per the new trends in the world. It therefore becomes very difficult for parents for example, who try to dictate to their children what is right and what is wrong. They cannot just impose any culture to their children. With the advancements in globalization and the growth of World Wide Web, even the young people have full access to information and it is their decision on the path that they may choose to follow. Whether the postmodernism or the Christianity culture but with no imposition. Not that any of the cultures is superior to the other, but I would be any parent’s joy to see their children follow their paths especially in matters that contradict each other.

Postmodernism and Christianity differ largely in their beliefs. This is because according to Christianity there is a line that clearly separates the rights and wrongs of the things that we constantly do in the society. According to Christianity there is always the preferred side in a case of two contradictory issues. For instance, for a long time until recently, gay marriages were a prohibition in Christian churches. According to Christians, it is a sin before God because He says that a man shall leave his parents so as to be joined to his wife in marriage. It is only in the last few years that this has been done away with in some of the Anglican Churches whereby there are permitting gay marriages. This however, is not accepted by all the Anglicans. This is largely an effect of postmodernism. On the other hand, according to postmodernism, it is the opinion of oneself on the values that they choose to go by in their life and not the dictation of the church for example. After all, there is hardly any absolute truth. The postmodernists believe in doing things in a way that one deems right and not the dictation of a culture or traditions that have continued to exist.

Postmodernists have the general perception that church is boring and hence have hardly any interest in knowing what it is all about. They seem to have the perception that it is the same old repetitive practice and hence very boring. Church to them also entails crusades and nothing out of the ordinary practice where everyone must seem humble and sinless. Christians on the other hand need to rise and adapt liveliness in worshipping God. This has been widely adapted by the Pentecostal churches hence ensuring that the woo masses into worshipping the Lord. This way, the postmodernists will feel free to engage themselves in activities that are Christian related much as they do not completely agree with their beliefs. Postmodernists are probably driven away from Christianity due to continuous traditions that have been used for the longest time. Introducing some form of laxity while still preaching the gospel could be captivating. This therefore means that they will start believing in the existence of God.

Christians should adapt some form of the upcoming trends in practicing their culture. This way no one will be left out of the gospel and the word of the Lord. There is need to stop the rigidity of doing things in the practice. We are in the twenty first century where everything is subject to changes. This way there will be many followers and in a way there would be blend between Christianity and postmodernism. People will believe in Jesus Christ despite the culture that they mainly proclaim.

The achievements of doing the above will be that the postmodernists will view Christianity as a culture reborn yet it is the same old only with little adjustments so as to fit today’s generation. As such, unknowingly they will be believe and practice the absolute truths that they were initially against only that this time no one is up their sleeves. Everything still happens at their own pace and in their own natural way. This will also act a just option where everyone is free to believe in whichever culture that they choose only that this time round, the preaching of the gospel will go far beyond the boundaries that are as a result of the different cultures. This way everyone will be aware of the true God.

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Christianity is viewed as a contradictory culture and many are the times their actions do not match what they constantly preach. Many are the times when they do certain wrong things that are not in accordance with the values that they classify under absolute truths. Much as being born again does not mean that one is perfect, the Christians who are wooing the postmodernists into Christianity need to try and lead by example. After all, it is not in order to preach water and drink wine. If the postmodernists are not confident that Christians are behaving in accordance with their values, it is very difficult for them to ditch their camps. However, while trying to lead by example, Christians need to be careful not to be viewed just as mere pretenders. They need to be honest and genuine about the things that thy do both in the light of day and in the dark when they are all by themselves.

Though arguably difficult, Christians need to be able to accept their mistakes and let everyone have their opinion. Everybody is equal and should therefore receive equal treatments irrespective of what they believe in. Christians should not condemn those that do not agree with their beliefs. The best that they can do is trying to educate the others on the benefits of believing in God. They should however avoid being judgmental. Those who stop believing in Christianity increase the level of doubt in prospective Christians. They ought to stay firm in their beliefs if their intention is to persuade the rest of the world into Christianity.

Christians also need to be persistent in what they believe in. for instance, with some Anglican bishops allowing gay marriages, it is a clear indication that they are all not in agreement. The arguments that continue to persist are a barrier to Christianity. This gives the postmodernists the power to continue believing that there is no absolute truth because even the Christians are not in agreement. Some believe it is alright for gay marriages to exist while some do not believe in that. This shows that even they are not sure which is the absolute truth and the path that should be followed. This shows that in a way, they are getting drifted away into postmodernism. A culture where one chooses the path that they prefer to follow in accordance with their view and it therefore becomes their solemn decision. Christians, if they are to still insist that they are right in what they believe in , need to be consistent I their practice. Consistency in what they believe in increases the number of people who believe in this culture.

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Postmodernism is a culture that in a huge way rejects individualism. It is impossible to live solemnly without the community. It advocates for the weak voices and cries out to discrimination. The idea of following particular truths results in having absolute power over the rest of the community. As a result, postmodernists are under the impression that there is no equality in the world of absolute truths. They are for the idea that other than constantly dominating the rest of the world with the ideal version of reality, we should strive to create space so as to be able to accept each and everyone’s opinion. Christians need to understand that not everybody wishes to follow set rules. Even they do not always follow them. Everyone has the right to make their own choice.

With the changes that are continuously being experienced in today’s world, it is difficult for the generation X Christians to be left behind. As a result, they are adapting to the changes as they continue to practice Christianity. Postmodernism is everywhere and that is why we find young evangelists being condemned by older generations. This is because they are not stuck to the traditions but are instead diverging so as to ensure that they catch the attention of generation X. This is a smart move because that the number of followers in the churches is largely increasing. This is because they can relate to the activities that they are constantly involved in. they achieve both the Christianity culture and also allow the postmodernists to still believe what they think best suits them.

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Christians need to clearly define their stand in the continuously postmodern world. This is if they still are willing to continue practicing their culture. Failure to do so will mean that they will slowly be swallowed into the beliefs of postmodernists. They should however not be judgmental as to being the superior culture. After all, it is not a matter of competition but an issue of upholding one’s culture. There should be respect irrespective of the path that one chooses to follow. The most important thing is being aware of the implications of choosing a certain culture and not its superiority or anything of the sort.

Postmodernism enhances the possibility of people being real and not pretending to be what they are not. This leads to a better world without the vice of pretence and deceit. I look forward to the days in the future when some Christians will stop pretending to be self righteous and holier than thou. This is a vice that starts from the leaders of the church who are the wolves in sheep’s skin. It is much better to stand out for who we really are. After all, everyone makes mistakes a no one is perfect. Unless we accept our wrong doings we will never know how it feels like to enjoy honest freedom. Christians should encourage each other to be themselves and not to be unrealistic. Postmodernism allows one to be who they are irrespective of other people’s perception. It is very important that we all live our lives that way it pleases us and not in a way that makes the rest of the society believe that we are what we want them to believe yet deep inside, we are completely different.

Much as I proclaim Christianity as my culture, I am always disappointed when I see some people who want to always seem righteous yet deep inside they have so many rocks in their eyes. Acting in pretence so as o seem righteous is worse that doing an than people knowing one’s real personality. With the upcoming of postmodernism, I am so glad that I was born in this generation where I can make my own choices irrespective of who brought me up. With the current issues on unreal practices in Christianity all in the name of coping with the truths that should be followed by any stunt Christian, I am hopeful that these pretenders will open their eyes and see that this is an entirely free world and the best we can do is be who we really are without any fear.

Generally, any one out there should realize that whichever choice hat one makes should be personal. From the above analysis, it is crystal clear that whichever culture one chooses, one can still make their rightful personal choice without being coursed. Culture does not dictate our ethics and personality, but we do. The choice one makes should be an informed choice and not one that is driven by the practices of the masses. There is information all over that could be used as guidelines to making the right decision at any time. We are individuals and much as we are part of a society, it is still our own lives that are affected by the choices that we make.

Life has ups and downs and we must learn to accept that we could also make mistakes. No one is sacred irrespective of our positions in the society. Anyone can make mistakes and it should therefore not be an excuse as to why we do the wrong things such as pretence so as to seem righteous. Two wrongs do not make a right. We ought to live our lives as who we really are and not strain ourselves so as to be what others expect us to be. It is our own lives. When making decisions, always give priority to what is comfortable for oneself. Avoid straining oneself too much as in the end; you will be at the loosing end. Life is a road and error is human. The choices we make in a huge way shapes what we eventually become. It is upon ourselves to study all the options carefully and make the choice that seems right to u. whether we choose Christianity or postmodernism, is a personal decision that will guide us in our daily lives. Always be sure to choose that which defines us for who we are, not ho we ought to or would like to be. It is our life.


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