Free Custom «Christian Worldviews» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Christian Worldviews» Essay Paper

With the development of new technology and increased need of gathering information in different fields, there has been rapid development of researches. Many different kinds of researches and methods of collecting data have also been developed. Researches are one of the most significant factors that have assisted a lot in solving many different problems. Research has also enabled different people, firms and organizations to come up with essential solution to numerous problems that affect them and their entire world.

However, research has been impacted with quite a number of factors. Some of the factors affecting research currently include methods of research applied, methods of data collection used, perspective of the individuals carrying out research towards the outcome of the research, Christian worldviews, among others. These factors can impact research either positively or negatively thus leading to an increased need of being careful when putting one of these factors into use.

Christian worldviews is one of the factors that are impacting research positively. For instance, a worldview refers to a set of assumptions and beliefs that are applied by an individual to develop and interpret opinions regarding his humankind, tasks in the world, principle in life, accountability to family, social ideas, understanding of truth, among others. A Christian is believed to view all these things and directed highly by the light which the Bible shed upon them.

The Bible says a lot in regard to the man’s nature, reality, purpose, ethics, the world, among others, and the world also does similarly. The worldly worldview is different with the biblical one more frequently than not. For instance, the Bible stipulates that man was created and finally in charge to God while it is held by the world that man developed through evolution. The Bible states that ethics are complete but the world hold that they are relative. It is stated clearly in the bible that all people need deliverance from their sin but the world holds that there is no need of salvation and redemption. Hence, the contrast is clear and deep but both cannot be true.

Secular world exalts man to the apex of evolutionary development, the supreme over all he dominates, though other animal alone. God is downgraded to the conviction systems of the inexpert and irrational. This sort of contrasting views will be at odds.

Therefore, these Christian world views have impacted research positively. For instance, with Christians bearing in mind that they are supposed to say truth, be responsible, among other virtues, they carryout research honestly and to their best. Christian worldviews have enabled researchers to come with accurate results and within specified period of time. Unlike other researchers who will try to misinterpret research finding and data collected for their own benefits or even present findings in a dishonest and in unethical manner, a Christian would present the findings in an honest and ethical manner. Christians would not misrepresent the data collected and so on.

By doing these, an accurate result is attained and necessary action taken including equal distribution of resources, development of high quality products, among others. Christian worldviews have impacted research positively as it has facilitated faster, accurate presentation of findings and in an ethical manner. It has helped to get rid of corruption, delays, misinterpretation, unethical manners of presenting findings hence making it easier to collect, analyze and present data when compared to ever before.

Generally, Christian worldview has been significant factor in the field of research. This is because have been guided by the biblical teachings in carrying out their duties honestly and in accordance to the Ten Commandments. As a result, they have diversified the field of research and research methods a fact that have enable the entire world to deal with different issues accurately and within short time possible.



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