Free Custom «Christian Responses to Modern World» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Christian Responses to Modern World» Essay Paper

Most Christians have varying issues between the attractiveness of world issues and attraction from the church. The church is directly linked to Biblical values while the world is linked to surrounding cultural values. In as much Biblical teachings sometimes appear to be good, logic should applied logic when dealing with modern issues.

Firstly, Christians are resistant to modern culture which endanger man’s life. They do not embrace modern culture such as homicide because it leads to loss of lives. Christians are supposed to be distinct, since they are Jesus followers they ought to be like a city which is constructed o top of a mountain (Mulcahy 100). Logic should be applied because it is not fair to murder someone.

Secondly, some Christians have accommodated modern cultures such as genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is very important in the modern culture because it helps to provide medicine. Medicine resulting from genetic engineering is vital because it helps in the cure of diseases moreover usage of medicine is blessed (Brahier, Lindpaintner & Pfleiderer 47). Modern cultures which contribute to life perpetuation should be accommodated by everyone.

Lastly, Christians have varying points of view regarding use of contracepttives. According to Roman Catholic it is sinful to use contraceptive but Protestants have a flexible approach they argue that contraceptives help in family planning (Reid & Tyler 40). This has led to tension among the Christians because they do not know which way should be followed since contraceptives helps in planning families. It also beats logic having a large family which cannot be managed yet it could be managed before through use of contraceptives.

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Basically, logic is very important and it should be applied when addressing modern cultural issues. Christian should always lead by example to the rest of the world.


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