Free Custom «Canonical Gospels» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Canonical Gospels» Essay Paper

 Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John are the first four gospels of the New Testament. These books are the canonical Gospels and are the guiding principles of the Christianity. They give us the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The word "evangelion” is Greek word "," that means "the good news. Good news according to the bible refers to Jesus' declaration of the impending sovereignty of God on Earth. The first of these three books  are known as the synoptic gospels (Taylor) each of these gospels opens in their own way.

 The gospel of Mathew begins with a narration of lineage of Jesus starting with David.  Jesus Christ, the royal anointed one, the messiah is a descendant Abraham. The gospel of Mark chapter begins with a quotation from Isaiah, who was an Old Testament prophet, and John the Baptist, who had prophesied about the coming of the Messiah. In this gospel john the Baptist talks of forgiveness and repentance and baptizes people in the river Jordan. Here Jesus Christ is referred to as “son of God” and “son of David” The purpose of Luke’s writings to give a historical account while bringing out the theological significance of the history. He brings out Christianity as divine, respectable and law-abiding... The same was in the beginning with God. Here the accounts of Christ's life begin with John the Baptist confirming prophecy and Jesus is referred to as Lamb of God. The canonical gospels have various teachings about Jesus.

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 The gospel according to Mathew brings out the fact that the Messiah came from a royal descent. The gospel according to Mathew talks of prophecies being fulfilled and of things to come. Old Testament prophecies are fulfilled in this gospel.  Jesus is brought out as a servant who suffers because of the sins of the world. We are told that the son of man did not come to be served but to serve others and he gave his life to save all. From the book of Luke we learn that Jesus is indeed the true son God. This is evident from the healings and miracles that he performed. John expounds on the works of Jesus as the Son of God. The introductions of the canonical books have a variety of similar and differing themes.

The themes in all the gospels are based on the beginning. For instance the gospel according to Mathew gives s the beginning of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, Luke tells us of the account that have happened since the beginning, mark tells us of the beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ while John talks of the beginning of the word which was with God. Also the gospels are mostly written in a poetic style. The gospels also differ in their contents in that while one is talking about the beginning of history of Jesus the other is talking about the beginning of the gospel about Jesus while Luke gives an account of things that have been fulfilled and John talks about the beginning of the word. (Aland)  The four gospels are history. They give historical accounts of the work and life of Jesus Christ. They give a chronological occurrence of events from the birth of Jesus Christ to the beginning of his work to the time of his death


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