Black Theology Sources and Their Effectiveness

Free Essay Sample «Black Theology Sources and Their Effectiveness»

Black Theology which is also commonly known as the Black Theology is a theological perspective that is relatively new and found in the United States in many Christian churches. The mission of the Black Theology is to liberate the African-Americans from various bondages that are upon. The bondages that are addressed by the Black Theology are religious, economic, political and social. The Christian theology is therefore viewed as a theology of liberation whereby God’s aim is to liberate the oppressed and set them free from poverty and all forms of social oppression like racism.

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The Black Theology movement seeks to broad the Christian view of the African Americans through preaching and other religious related studies and work. Initially, many African-Americans viewed Christianity as a form of segregation and oppression. This was in relation to the Southern Baptist Convention that until June 20, 1995 supported slaveholders and slavery. However, through the critics by the black theology, the Southern Baptist convention adopted the Declaration of Repentance. This resolution led the movement to be in the forefront in denouncing slaveholders and slavery. They denounced the acts as a form of racism that discriminated the African Americans and viewed it from a relgious perspective as a deplorable sin. The convention also apologized to al the African-Americans for their inhuman deeds. This was one of the greatest effects of the black theology that changed the perspective of how the whites viewed the African-Americans as slaves and outcasts (Douglas 3).

Some of the greatest contributors to Black Theology are James Cones and Brown Douglas. These tow activists have had a great influence in liberating the African-Americans from racism and their perspective on Christianity. Cone has had a great contribution over the years in making Christianity real for the blacks and to do w\away with the notion that Christianity is a form of oppression to the blacks. In his explanation, Cone describes Christianity as a way of liberation of all humankind here on earth and in the afterlife (Cone 1). However, the main aim of founding the black theology is not to advocate for special treatment of the blacks by the whites but rather to find freedom and be liberated from all kinds of oppression that are due to their dark skin color. The black theology also seeks for all people to be treated with equal justice regardless of their skin color.

The black theology activist have supported all their teachings from the Bible saying that God will see riighteousness in regard to how well one treated the poor, visited the sick and those in prison. This was therefore a way that will lead to the black people being liberated from poverty. According to Cone, he believes that if God des not desire justice and is not just then he should be done away with (Cone 2). Cone therefore seeks liberating the African-Americans from the god who privileges whites to blacks. He seeks to enlighten the African-Americans to realize the presence of empowering God who liberates the oppressed through self-determination, self-definitions and self-affirmation.

According to Cone, he believes that God is on the side of the oppressed and therefore He shares the challenges of the poor and the sick so that he can liberate them from all these bondages. According to Cube, he believes that Jesus was not white but black. He defended his belief by saying that God takes any color he wants and becomes part and parcel of the oppressed so that they may feel that they are somebody’s and not “nobodies” (Cone 4). The view of Jesus as black has had a great influence in changing the initial perspective towards which the blacks viewed Christianity but now they can appreciate and accept the gospel as a way of liberation and not oppression.

Free Essay Sample «Black Theology Sources and Their Effectiveness»


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