Free Custom «Women Career Shift» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Women Career Shift» Essay Paper

The career parts for women have been punctuated by employment gaps that have equated their contemporary break in employment with low commitment to career. As a result, women have often worked in female dominated careers that are perhaps more supportive to the multirole lives of many woman. However, in recent years women have increasingly entered traditionally male dominated occupations and have effectively rendered these occupations gender neutral (Jandro, Capella University and School of Psychology, 30-31).

Women have become increasingly involved as employees after marriage, and their education levels have risen, they have also started to seek for better working conditions and seemingly more interesting as well as challenging work. As a result, they have left some family chores to their husbands. For instance, the men who are not employed carry out activities that were traditionally done by women. While women are increasingly working outside their homes, they are also decreasing their environment in the household with respect with respect to domestic tasks and childbearing. Studies show that women’s time spent on domestic activities such as home cleaning and cooking has declined substantially. Women have lowered their standards for acceptable housework or they have the tendency of purchasing the labor of other people to clean the home and cloths, cook and take care of their children (Trask, 87-88). The assumptions and presumptions that kept men from greater involvement in their children’s care in the traditional society do not exist due the women career shift. Therefore, fathers are expected to assume primary responsibilities that were initially done by women (Lamb, 117).

In conclusion, couple may particularly vulnerable when a wife earns more than the husband. This situation affects the couple’s happiness in various ways. Marriages in which the spouse views the provider role as the man’s responsibility, in which the husband cannot find employment, and in which the husband is jealous of his wife’s employment are vulnerable to dissatisfaction.


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