Free Custom «Traits of a Successful Reader» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Traits of a Successful Reader» Essay Paper

For one to be a successful leader, some traits are required to ensure that one stand in all times. For one in a position, frustration and stress is the order of day. A good leader must be emotionally stable to deal with such situation in a more mature manner. Their psychology must always be in a position to adjust to deal with what they face on daily basis (Mitchell, 2006). Leaders should be time conscious and good in decision-making. They enjoy overcoming obstacles that come on their way. They deal with people in a very assertive way and have a right attitude when dealing with them.

Good leaders are very enthusiastic in life. They participate actively and have a lot of energy when doing their work. They face every situation with optimism and they are always alert in their undertaking. Nothing prohibits them from executing their duty (Ridley, 2003).

For one to be a good leader, you need to be tough in mind. A leader is required to be more practical and be logic in issues. They condition their mind against hardship and criticism. They are not sentimental no matter what come on their way.

According to (Appelbaum et al. 2008) for one to succeed in leadership, social boldness is very vital. A leader is one who can take risk without fear. He is very aggressive in attaining his goal. He always responds to every situation with a lot of stamina making him an enterprising person.

What do successful leaders do well?

Good leaders are self-confident and always give themselves assurance of being winners. They do not feel guilty of the past mistake. They know very well that by requiring approval from others they are deterring their own reputation. They feel secure and free from prior failures. The world is so dynamic. Changes come every day due to the up coming technology. Thus, a good leader should be able to accommodate these changes. Therefore, a good leader is always dynamic. He uses his intuition in judgment where logic and reasoning fails. A lot of information is in place and ideally, one cannot uphold it all.

All leaders who are successful never assume that they have arrived. They are always learners and that they do not know everything. Thus, they seek a lot of information by asking questions, reading and familiarizing themselves with their surrounding. They are never threatened by people who have more knowledge than they do. Otherwise, they help them use their ideals and knowledge to the highest level (Ridley, 2003).

As suggested by Mitchell, 2006 one of the greatest achievements of a leader is to serve the community and his family. They involve themselves in things that matters to the society. They are never proud neither big for small issues. They make themselves part of the group and ensure the set objective is attained.

When a problem appears, leaders are left standing. They see each problem as a lesson to be learnt from. They always have positive mental attitude and face all challenges with a lot of energy. They know that positive energy helps very much towards the success of the group.

Lesson learnt in King/Drew Hospital closure

The first lesson that can be leant from the fall of King/Drew hospital is lack of seriousness in leadership. This is well seen by offering wrong medication to William Watson for four days. They even took too long to realize that. In another episode, the surgeons left a metal clamp in a patient body. This shows a very high level of carelessness (Appelbaum et al. 2008). Another lesson that can be learned is that as leader one must be fully committed to his duties. People were dying in the hospital with no one attending to them. Such issues lead to closure of the hospital. Poor leadership and lack of commitment can cause very serious problem to occur for example death of those who you are attending to.



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