Free Essay Sample «The Ultimate Measure of a Man »

Free Essay Sample «The Ultimate Measure of a Man »

This statement from Martin Luther King is almost self-explanatory. If the real gauge of human beings abilities was dependent upon abilities in times of calm and ease, it is terrifying to imagine how much worse off America would be (Kouzes and Pozner, 72). Suffering, as Frisby (1) puts it, “is the most constant opponent we could have in our lives.” Challenges and hard times, although not desirable, have a tendency to make an individual stronger but also show the best of him. Challenges and adversities make us more experienced and set to deal with other numerous challenges (Lockwood, Christian and Kundab, 863). The true proof of a man’s character and personal strength would therefore, be best evaluated by the choice he makes when he has the options of comfort and adversity. This calls for courage. As Coretta Scott King posited, bravery faces fear and hence rules it and weak men, plagued by the uncertainties of life, lose the resolve to live (24).

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The quote puts today’s American society into perspective squarely “…where he stands at times of challenge and controversy…” This quote shows the challenges and problems that the United States is currently facing. It is clear that America is facing a myriad of unbelievable unparalleled financial and economic challenges and controversy just like The Great Depression of 1929 and the Cold War of 1990s. The question remains whether the American people ought to give up in the face of hard times, challenges and controversy unaware of what to do and hence not taking any position. The American citizenry will be put into test, and we will have the chance to be evaluated on how strong we are on the face of these challenges. 

Luckily, it is not such a hard task to prove our strength in times of adversities (Deci and Ryan 78). The most vital thing that all Americans need now more than ever is the courage to succeed, a positive motivation to face these challenges and controversies head on. How we fare in these hard economic times, will be the true measure of our strength and fortitude as a society. In these times, how do we arrive at our aims? How do we choose to use our time and energies and where do we direct our minds? Dr. King was spot on. We will be best gauged by how we react to these hard economic times- in the face of adversity and challenges. America has gone through tough time and managed to survive. All it takes is courage, solidarity, and motivation.


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