Free Custom « The Paradigm Debate» Essay Paper

Free Custom « The Paradigm Debate» Essay Paper

In conducting research, various methods can be employed to create a research design that will yield the desired information or finding. There are two types of research designs that can be use to conduct a research study. These are qualitative research design and quantitative research design. The designs vary in terms of their requirement, their result, suitability and others; this paper presents a debate in the two research designs.

Quantitative analysis is suitable in determining the extent of influence of a variable on another. It quantifies the relationship between two or more variables (Langdridge & Johnson, 2009). For instance, it can be used to determine the correlation between certain personality variable and other kinds of behaviors. Quantitative analysis has been used to conduct studies in socials sciences for a long time emphasizing the superiority if figures (WAL_PSYC6310_08_A_EN-DL-Video1).

Qualitative analysis involves studying a phenomenon in from the perspective of the people being studied. Events are examined and understood from the experience of the people (Lyons & Coyle, 2007). Information for such a study is collected through observation, interviews and collecting documented information concerning the problem in that particular setting (Goodwin, 2010). Qualitative studies rely heavily on words, descriptions and images and not on figures the way quantitative analysis does. For long time qualitative analysis had been sidelined as it was believed to unscientific and unsuitable for psychological studies (WAL_PSYC6310_08_A_EN-DL-Video1).

Qualitative analysis is not as easy as most people take it to be. It involves analysis of data objectives without allowing personal biases and feelings to clout ones judgments. Similarly, quantitative research is not as expensive as many people purport. It does not require sophisticated equipments and laboratories either.

However, the two methods have feature that are unique to each one of them. This uniqueness of each of the approach gave birth to mixed approach that combines the two approaches to yield both quantitative and qualitative results (Toad, 2004). Mixed method is become popular due to its double ability. This method present a great deal of work that either of the methods if conducted separately.

In sum, the methods yield different types of information or results. They require different expertise and approaches. A researcher can have the best of both worlds by mixing the two methods in a fashion popularly known as mixed method.



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