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The Cute Factor

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Visual signaling involves the use of visual communication. Normally, non verbal actions encode a message. This is mainly through the use of gestures and body movements. The article by Natalie Angier samples visual signaling of “cute”, how it is described by various concepts as well as its advantages.      

From the scientific point of view, visual signaling is associated with behavior and physical features. These include a bright forward-facing, teeter-totter gait, floppy limbs, a big round face among other others. In addition, being cute is associated with youth, harmlessness as well as a sense of vulnerability. According to Darwin, the youngest species are normally cute. He argues that the young species are normally helpless and occasionally needs the assistance and supervision of the older. The detector of human cuteness is usually set at a low bar. Researcher’s state that cuteness includes physical attributes not only of human beings but also of other mammalian species such as bird, Cranes, caterpillars among others.           

Due to visual signaling, cuteness is said to be appealing to those who sees it. Thus, it is used as a form of attraction to the crowd. Thus, cuteness is a major consideration in the context of advertisement. One is able to lend their merchandise an immediate appealing. This helps to keep the message fresh as well as fetching to the public. Normally, cuteness is a factor that is used to soften up the society. Cuteness is said to have relationship power and ability to attract. It can present authority without threatening those in position as it involves some form of softness. Based on the research, cute factor can nurture human values and trigger an impulse in a given species. However, visual signaling varies in terms of strength and significance. In addition, it is dependent on the culture and era.

Buy custom The Cute Factor essay paper cheap

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