The Art of Complaining

Free Essay Sample «The Art of Complaining»

The fine art of complaining is a step by step process, which guides effective presentation of concerns that one may be displeased about. Human interactions by nature are full of grievances, thereby justifying the need for education on how the art works.  It should be noted that, complainants usually expect responses to their grievances. However, people take various approaches in making their complaints known; with each approach yielding different aftermaths, and to varying extremes. It is therefore invaluable for the complainant to understand the different approaches and their respective outcomes (when applied in different situations), in order to harness those that yield the most favorable results.  This essay highlights vitalities that guide one on how to lodge a complaint- without hampering the relationship between him/her and the involved authorities.

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Effective complaining begins with statement of one’s complaint clearly, and backing it up with tangible facts. The complaint should be a genuine concern and the expected solution should be indicated. Precaution should however be taken, to refrain from sing accusatory language at all costs. One should avoid personalization of issues that is bound to bring about irritation, which may jeopardize the expected response or even attract no response. Lack of response may usually compel the complainant to take a legal action (especially when there is loss incurred), which is more expensive and time consuming. This step is therefore very important since it enhances understanding and acceptability of the complaint in the first place, in order to create ground for negotiation. Factual, objective information validates the complaint, thus the complainant should consolidate his/her facts before presenting the complaint.

After attention is drawn to one’s complaint, it is worthwhile to communicate the confidence you have in the party handling your grievances, to enhance cooperation in arriving at resolutions. In the case of a company, the relationship one has been enjoying in associating with the company should be indicated. This can be done through acknowledging good deeds as well as giving credit where it is due, to indicate the neutrality of the complainant. Essentially, the coomplainant should present factual grievances in a manner that suggests that he/she expects the involved authorities to solve them. Apart from using factual information as well as establishing confidence, appropriate diction and paralanguage must be utilized. This is very essentially important, since it communicates the complainant’s sensitivity to emotional sensibilities of the people handling his/her complaint. Randomly chosen harsh words are capable of creating negative insinuations that may derail the process of getting one’s problem solved.

It is also prudent to state the expected desired response(s), in order to provide a guideline for pertinent discussions. The complainant’s goals should therefore be clear and realistic for easy justification of the practicability of the desired responses.

In conclusion, the art of complaining can therefore be regarded as a distinct discipline, since it has ground rules for its effective execution. Essentially, agenda clarity, impersonalized complaints, and specificity of goals are extremely pivotal in the pursuit of getting one’s complaint solved.

Free Essay Sample «The Art of Complaining»


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