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Sustainability is defined as the capacity to tolerate. Ratner says that sustainability is a dialogue of values (50–69). When talking about sustainability in human beings, it is regarded as the long-lasting maintenance of being well economically, socially and environmentally. It encompasses the aspect of union, a mutual position that shows responsibility and an interdependent relationship with both living and the non-living things as well, on the surface of the other.  This is a philosophical form of interpretation that goes beyond definitions driven through economic perspectives that are oriented to progress and that ensure that human beings are offering stewardship and having a responsible management of the utilization of resources. Based on this definition, I totally agree with this definition as it brings out the entirety of sustainability as a continuous process.

In supporting this definition, I can state what I think sustainability is not. According to me, sustainability is not an ultimate goal. Sustainability is not an end that is attained. It is the instance where continued progress is realized.  It clearly shows a proper management and control of the things that are happening in the surrounding. It includes matters social, economic and every other aspect that promotes the welfare of human beings. All the same, sustainability does not mean the absence of challenges, but rather the ability to manage and maintain proper functioning in these aspects despite the odds. Sustainability will always prevail in every situation. That is why it cannot refer to an anticipated end. It is a continuous process that cannot be realized in an instance. Therefore, this definition is enough in stating what sustainability is. Success that has been achieved without measures taken to maintain it cannot be said to be sustainable. In other words, a person cannot say to have achieved sustainability in a single moment. When a person is able to do something over and over gain, then that is sustainability. 

Buy custom Sustainability essay paper cheap

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