Free Essay Sample «Stress»

Free Essay Sample «Stress»

1) Should public money be spent on researching the best evidenced-based medicine available to treat preventable, self-inflicted ailments, such as those resulting from smoking or lacking of healthy diet or exercise? - Yes, we should. The rationale is that almost all illnesses are self-inflicted. For example, people taking excessive alcoholic drink or spicy food later become patients in a hospital because of serious indigestion or stomach problems. Yet they are treated with the best medicine available today. The second reason is that there are many causes of illness and it is not uncommon to treat an illness with many different kinds of medicine, e.g., running nose can be caused by cold, flu, allergic rhinitis, to name only three. The third reason is that most people who fall sick are those who still follow their old habits, most of which are unwittingly formed in their early years of life without prior knowledge of their consequence until it might be too late to know. In other words, we should spend public money on researching the best medicine to treat all ailments.

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2) Almost all life events cause stress. When stress is not handled properly, it develops depression which weakens our immune systems and we don’t feel good. When we don’t feel good, our natural appetite for food and sex is severely affected because stress affects the normal functioning of our gastrointestinal and reproductive tracts. Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD) is the most common disease that impacts the stability in gastrointestinal tract. Also, scientists know that stress boosts levels of stress hormones and subsequently suppresses sperm count, ovulation and sexual activity. Chronic stress could also trigger cancerous cells to proliferate in the reproductive tract. – Most people develop stress because they can’t forgive people and continue to hold grudges. Since stress arises from our response to life events, we might need to develop a broad-minded and forgiving outlook by not responding to life events too seriously. This is the most important prevention of occurrence of stress related disorders to our system.


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