Free Custom «Stimulating Debates and Inter-Gender Emotions» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Stimulating Debates and Inter-Gender Emotions» Essay Paper

A stimulating debate or discussion is a type of argument that results to heightened action or excited or stimulated human emotions. Often it involves arguments that are of interest and deals with sensitive issues of the society or group if individuals that engages a deep emotion and are characterized by interesting or exciting ideas that make people enthusiastic. An example of a stimulating debate or discussion is the issue.

Women are better in expressing their emotions stereotypically as compared to men who are described as stereotypically angrier. Women show through emotions more especially as it regards to facial expression both on positive or negative emotions despite the fact that both genders experience same amount of emotion. This is supported by the fact that women have different shaped tear ducts that have more hormone prolactin as compared to men hence the increased crying by women than men. In addition t that the societal culture also contribute to differential expression of emotions by males and female in that men are taught to shut down their emotions like empathy and sympathy and express anger through violence. Thus they are socially constructed in nature (Niedenthal et al, 2006).

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Women are beer in reading of emotions of others than men because women have evolved to devoting more of their mental resources to understanding as well as track relationships and reading of states of emotions of others. This is intended to enable them to better care for children and understand better their social situations. Such common perception of sexual difference is mainly contributed by the cultural and social belief rather than biological differences.

Men tend to express their emotion outwardly because men find it easier to express emotions like anger in an outward way e.g. by taking out on others (Niedenthal et al, 2006).When dealing with grief men tend to resort to outward means of dealing with the emotions by engaging in physical chores, writing eulogy, creation of memorials or shifting attention towards sports. On the other women are more willing in expiring their emotion through talking, crying and display of extended periods of sadness and it helps them confront such emotions hence heal faster through joining of associations or even counseling.


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