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Social Problem in the World Today

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Today's World is faced with myriad problems and challenges which affect its general populace. Among these problems are the social issues that affect a person, a group of persons, or the entire society either directly or indirectly. The social issues in the world, therefore, have a wide scope. They range from abortion, gay rights, HIV and AIDS, war, climate change, and poverty among others. In my own opinion, poverty and human conditions are of top concern and ought to be given preferential treatment.

Poverty is a social problem that is deeply embedded in every culture and society like a wound. When members of a community sustain low levels of income, then poverty is inevitable. They will lack access to basic services such as healthcare, water, education, roads, food, sanitation, and communication. Moreover, members of a community share spirit of apathy, hopelessness, despair, and timidity when hit by poverty. These ought not to be the case because poverty exist because of social factors and the solution to it should also be social.

The major factors of poverty as a social problem are disease, apathy, ignorance, dishonesty, and dependency. However, people need to perceive them as just temporary conditions. It is, therefore, the responsibility of a group or people in the society to eradicate poverty. They are mandated to observe and identify these factors and act to remove them as a way of tackling poverty.
In a nutshell, poverty as a social problem that has hit many people in the world today is an issue which can be addressed only if those affected act. It is a scourge which should not be allowed to sink the wretched of the earth into further abyss. A scholar once said that in order to fight poverty, one should stop comparing oneself with others and dependency.

Buy custom Social Problem in the World Today essay paper cheap

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