Free Custom «Psychology» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Psychology» Essay Paper

I feel that the Carl Rogers client centered therapy system is one that guarantees a high level of success. In my own experience I talked to Charlie about a very personal problem and I liked the client centered therapy system, because it made me feel that he was genuinely concerned for me.

According to Abraham Maslow, self-actualized people do not tell a joke to laugh. They do it to inform or educate other people. It is therefore difficult to retell the joke of a self-actualized person.

According to Carl Rogers an individual can develop a defensive mechanism to protect themselves from a situation they do not want to face. This defense mechanism can either be distortion or denial.

A friend of mine lost his best friend and he kept on telling his colleagues that they would go to see her dead body and the doctors will realize that she was just in a coma and not dead. He said this to protect himself from having to deal with the fact that his best friend was already dead. My friend denies that his best friend is dead and since he would rather deal with his friend being in a coma as opposed to the fact that he is dead.

Humanistic therapy is a client centered therapy approach. The psychologist focuses on the client by asking him questions about his experiences. Examples of humanistic therapy include, the client centered therapy by Carl Rogers, The hierarchy of needs to reach self-actualization by Abraham Maslow, and the theory of dealing with loss and tragedy by Rollo May.

Fritz Perls is trying to approach a condition where people face up to their fears by switching roles so that they can understand that they have nothing to fear.

Albert Ellis ' RET (REBT) model is based on A-B-C which states that normally it is not the (A) adversity that contributes to a person’s behavioral (C) consequences but it is what they (B) believe about the adversity. For example when my friend and I were caught by the police J-walking, we ran away not because the police would have arrested us but because we believe that the police are a heartless lot.

Maslow's Grumble Theory Hierarchy states that we are continually engaging in a process of growth throughout our lives. It is divided into the following levels;

Physiological needs (physical needs like clothes, shelter and food). Safety needs (Security, money and savings). Love and belonging (Love and marriage). Esteem. (Beauty) and self-actualization.

Most of my friends and I are at the safety needs stage. We are all trying to secure safe careers so that we can get money and acquire financial security.

Self-actualization is characterized by confidence and trying to make other people better.

Love and belonging is characterized by a search for acceptance.

The Abraham Maslow’s theory is a good one, although it seems to ignore the fact that some people do try to achieve certain needs simultaneously.



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